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Sustainable Catering Services

On Laurea's campuses, food services are organized in different ways; on two campuses (Porvoo and Lohja) the service is organized on behalf of partner operators, on three campuses (Tikkurila, Hyvinkää and Otaniemi) operations are tendered within the framework of the Hansel contract, and Leppävaara campus is operated by Laurea's own restaurant service and learning environment BarLaurea. In the tendering process for restaurant services, we cooperate with experts from Hansel and BarLaurea. In the campus restaurants, the goals of sustainable development are taken into account in e.g. with food waste management. The service providers also monitor the proportion of organic products and responsibly produced food and the service provider's staff have completed environmental passports.

BarLaurea - Laurea's own restaurant and learning environment operating with sustainable development goals

For years, BarLaurea has been working uncompromisingly to increase the share of organic and local food in its food production and to convey the values ​​of sustainable development and operating models in accordance with them not only to students, but also more broadly in the various networks of the industry. The restaurant manager and chef ensure that the operating model supporting BarLaurea's values ​​and sustainable development is followed and further developed. BarLaurea is also actively involved in various events and forums that support activities in line with sustainable development. BarLaurea also bears its share of social responsibility not only through its teaching mission, but also by cooperating with Manna-apu from 2020.

Did you know? What are the actions of sustainable development in BarLaurea's everyday life?

Organic, local food and fair trade products

  • BarLaurea invests heavily in organic products in its raw material purchases. All milk, flour and eggs used in BarLaurea are domestic and organic products.
  • BarLaurea is level five of the Stairs to nature program*. This means that at least 20 different organic products are used in BarLaurea's raw materials.
  • BarLaurea uses Löfbergs fair trade coffee, which is also organic.
  • Raw materials and products are sourced as close as possible and we also aim for our own production whenever possible: for example, every day one of the breads in the bread selection is our own production.
  • BarLaurea's food products have been tendered: Hansel/Kespro - this framework arrangement has Hansel's environmental mark, social responsibility and financial responsibility mark.

Steps to Organic is a voluntary program aimed at professional kitchens, which supports kitchens' efforts to make sustainable choices, guiding kitchens to use organic raw materials continuously, but gradually increasing their use. The purpose of the program is to encourage especially public sector kitchens to increase the regular use of organic products. The program has six levels, as the kitchens progress, they gradually increase the use of organic products.

Food waste management

BarLaurea has a systematic and consistent food waste management and monitoring process. At BL, the waste produced by the line, left over from customers' plates and waste generated in the kitchen is monitored by measuring and recording them every day.

Food waste

  • Food waste is dealt with in a daily afternoon meeting between staff and students. Students learn ways to manage and avoid wastage.
  • Information about plate waste is brought to the attention of customers and efforts are made to ensure that food waste does not occur.
  • The food left over from the previous day is refrigerated and offered the next day as "bonus food".
  • BarLaurea's team acts as an example and is actively involved in talking about loss control on various forums.

Waste treatment

  • Sorting is an important part of both BarLaurea's thinking model and responsible operation. Mixed waste, bio-waste, plastic, glass, metal and cardboard are sorted separately at BarLaurea, and students are also emphasized on the importance of the sorting process.
  • At BarLaurea, work jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles. In the future, other work clothes will also be updated to more environmentally friendly options.
  • Customers are encouraged to make responsible choices, e.g. by reducing the use of take away mugs in the cafe by offering coffee from a porcelain cup at a lower price.

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