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Our organisation

The Laurea community is comprised of approximately 7,800 students, 600 staff members and more than 30 000 Laurea alumni.

Laurea in figures

  • Six campuses: Hyvinkää, Leppävaara, Lohja, Otaniemi, Porvoo and Tikkurila
  • Fields of study: Business Management, Social Services and Health Care and Hospitality Management
  • 18 degree programmes, of which six are taught in English
  • The most appealing university of applied sciences in the joint application process of spring 2019 in Finland: 7.68 primary applicants per starting place
  • 7,800 students in total
  • 650 students in programmes taught in English
  • 1,600 graduates per year from Bachelor’s programmes
  • 300 graduates per year from Master’s programmes
  • Over 30,000 Laurea graduates (spring 2021)
  • Employment rate for graduates one year after graduation 96.4 per cent (2019)
  • 604 employees
  • Annual turnover: EUR 52 million
  • External RDI funding (2020) EUR 4,26 million


The University President Mr. Jouni Koski acts as chairman of the management team, and the members are the unit directors, the rectorate, representatives of personnel organisations, and a representative of the university student organisation Laureamko. The goal of the management team is to assist the President in leading and developing Laurea.

Laurea´s biggest owners are cities of Espoo and Vantaa.   

  • Management Team 

    Kimmo Hannonen, Vice-President, Support services

    Valdemar Kallunki, Director (Master level degrees and web based courses)

    Salla Seppänen, Director (Tikkurila campus)

    Jouni Koski, President and CEO

    Ulla Kaukola, Lecturer and Representative of Laurean Opettajat Ry (teaching staff)

    Sirpa Louhemäki, Information Production Manager and representative of JHL

    Margit Lumia, Director (Leppävaara and Otaniemi campus)

    Susanna Rosell, Financial Director

    Carita Törhönen, Laureamko Student Union Representative

    Katri Ojasalo, Vice-President, Education

    Krista Pahkin, Director (Hyvinkää, Lohja and Porvoo campus)

    Tiina Päivärinne, Director (Human Resources)

    Mari Vuolteenaho; Vice-President; Research, Development and Innovation

    Teemu Ylikoski, Director (External relations and marketing)

Organisation chart can be found below:Organisation chart

History of Laurea UAS

Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Laurea UAS, formerly Vantaa University of Applied Sciences and Espoo-Vantaa University of Applied Sciences) began operating in Vantaa in 1991 as one of the first universities of applied sciences to be granted an experimental licence in Finland.

In 1997 – 1998, this experimental licence was expanded to comprise nearly 20 educational institutions in the region of Uusimaa. At that time, the name of the institution was changed to Espoo-Vantaa University of Applied Sciences, reflecting the cities that were its main owners.

The Government of Finland put the institution’s operation on a permanent footing in 2000, and the name Laurea University of Applied Sciences was adopted in 2001.