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Research nurse training - fundraising campaign

Until now, there has been no wide-ranging, openly available training for research nurses. Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland's largest nurse training institution, is developing a solution for this.

We are planning a 30-credit study module which focuses on research nurse skills. This can be completed through open university of applied sciences studies. The module corresponds to the requirement level of EQF 7, being equivalent to master's degree studies. The training can be accredited as part of potential master's level studies in the future. 

The training is designed as further education for those who have already received a nursing degree. The duration of the open university of applied sciences studies is approximately 1 year and is open to anyone interested. 

The training is planned to start in 2022. 

Content of the training 

The training provides the key competencies required by a research nurse, enabling the trainee to take responsibility for the role of an expert nurse in a multidisciplinary research team required in clinical trials. 

  • Acquisition and critical evaluation of research data
  • Development of evidence-based clinical nursing
  • Examination protocols in a clinical trial
  • The main methods of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Ethical dimensions of clinical research
  • Guiding the patient
  • Communication and information about research
  • Research nurse's work in a multidisciplinary team and corporate collaboration
  • Factors affecting the quality of clinical research, risk assessment and forecasting 

Background information 

Medical research, the development of new medicines and treatments, and medical innovations are more relevant than ever. 

However, the research field in Finland has a challenge that slows down clinical research and the development of medicines and treatments: There are not enough research nurses specialising in clinical research. Both clinical pharmaceutical research and clinical investigator-initiated research have voiced demands to increase the number of research nurses and to develop career opportunities for research nurses. 

We need more trained professionals who are familiar with the specifics of clinical research, research methods, ethics, and patient work. 

Fundraising campaign  

The master's degree level training for research nurses is completely new, and its development requires investment. By participating in our fundraising campaign, you can help build this new training. Donations allocated to the research nurse training fundraising campaign will be used to develop and pilot the training. The donations help ensure sufficient numbers of experts and support the future of clinical research. 

Benefits of making a donation 

By participating in the research nurse training fundraising campaign, you help build new competencies, train new experts, ensure the success of clinical research and the future of our society. If you wish, we can display the name of the donor organisation or private donor on Laurea's campuses and include their details in communications about the research nurse training. 

Contact us! We will tell you more about the training plans and the details of the fundraising campaign. 

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