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Accessibility at Tikkurila campus


Laurea’s Tikkurila campus has two accessible parking spaces in front of the entrance to the parking garage. You can drive to the accessible parking spaces from Lummetie. The main entrance can be reached through passageways on the outside.

Pick-up and drop-off traffic is allowed to stop on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance. The main entrance is located at Ratatie 22, Vantaa.  

Information on the entrances 

Accessible entrance is available through the main doors at Ratatie 22, Vantaa. The main entrance is covered with a canopy. The floors in front of the entrance and the vestibule are even. The doors of the main entrance can be opened electronically. 


The information desk at Laurea’s Tikkurila campus is located on the left side of the lobby immediately after the main entrance. As a mobility environment, the Tikkurila campus is accessible. The campus offers unimpeded access to all facilities. The campus has two elevators on the right in the main lobby. The elevators offer access to all floors.

An induction loop is used in auditorium B101. 

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are available on floors 1–5. The accessible toilets on floors 2–5 are located in the B-wing.  

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More information 

Campus superintendents/Info 
(09) 8868 7304 ja 0400 142 657