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Accessibility at Hyvinkää campus


Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus has several accessible parking spaces. One accessible parking space is located directly in front of the main entrance at Uudenmaankatu 22, Hyvinkää. Two parking spaces are located in the back yard, which is accessible from Helenenkatu. The accessible parking spaces are marked with blue wheelchair signposts. 

Pick-up and drop-off traffic is allowed in front of the main entrance at Uudenmaankatu 22, Hyvinkää. You can wait for pick-up traffic under the canopy in front of the entrance. 

Information on the entrances 

Accessible entrance is available through the main entrance at Uudenmaankatu 22, Hyvinkää. The entrance is not at street level; accessibility is provided with a ramp next to the stairs. The ramp is made of a non-slip material. The doors of the main entrance can be opened electronically. The floors in front of the entrance and the vestibule are even.

The entrance nearest to the disabled parking spaces in the back yard is the back door. The back entrance has a ramp made of stone tiles. The back entrance’s threshold is 5 cm high. The entrance doors are manual. Accessible entrance is available at the front door. You can reach the front door from the back entrance by going around the building via Salonkatu. 


The information desk of Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus is located on the right side of the lobby immediately after the main entrance vestibule. As a mobility environment, the Hyvinkää campus is accessible. The campus offers unimpeded access to all facilities. 

The campus has two elevators. One elevator is located in the entrance hall of the Hyvinkää Adult Education Centre. The other elevator is located next to the library. The elevator next to the library requires an access control card. If you need help in using this elevator, please contact the information desk. The elevators offer access to all floors. 

Accessible toilets 

Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus has two accessible toilets. Both accessible toilets are located on the first floor. The first accessible toilet is located next to the main lobby. The second accessible toilet is located near the shared facilities and the Hyvinkää Adult Education Centre. 

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