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Basic information

  • Target audience: Before enrolling to this study unit, you should have adequate competence level of safety, security and risk management, which you can acquire for example by completing study unit Business Continuity 5 credits or Basics of Corporate Safety, Security and Risk Management 10 credits.
  • Application period: 4. - 31.12.2019
  • Date: 7.1. - June 2020
  • Scope: 10 cr
  • Location: Virtual and Leppävaara
  • Price: 150 €

Study unit's learning outcomes

  • The student is able to:
    define risk, safety and security management compliance requirements, best practices and apply those
  • assess and manage organisations’ risks comprehensively
  • plan, assess and develop risk, safety and security management
  • lead and manage safety and security management operations in normal, disturbance and crisis situations
  • assess and develop safety and security culture

Course content

The study unit begins with the orientation module and continues through the eight risk management (RM) and safety & security management (SSM) modules. Modules include assignments which will be made in pairs. The study unit also includes a web exam made individually. The student will decide which assignments he / she will carry out. The student will collect points from the assignments and exam based on which the grade is determined.

Study material

Literature has been given for each module in the Optima workspace and the student will also look for the appropriate literature for the assignments. Examples of Literature:

  • Safety and Security Management & security Culture: Reiman, T. & Oedewald, P. 2002. The assessment of organisational culture. A methodogial study. VTT Publications T2140.
  • Risk Management, Legislation, documentation:ISO 31000:2018, Risk management – Guidelines (Can be downloaded through Laurea LibGuides)
  • Standards, Auditing and Measurement of Safety and Security Management: Kuusisto, A. 2000. Safety management systems - Audit tools and reliability of auditing. VTT Publiations 428.
  • Business Continuity Management and Crisis Communication: Saleh, Yunus D. 2016. Crisis management: The art of success & failure. (Can be downloaded through Laurea Finna)
  • Developent of Safety and Security Management:Schein, E. 2010. Organizational Culture and Leadership. (Can be downloaded through Laurea Finna)


Grading is between 0 - 5.

See the evaluation criteria in


The study unit will start on January 7, 2020 in Optima with e-learning orientation. The study unit ends in June 2020.

The study unit is mainly implemented as e-learning in the Optima workspace. There are three classroom teaching sessions at the Leppävaara campus as follows:

Thu 27.02.2020 12:30–15:00 (auditorium Tuomo)
Thu 19.03.2020 12:30–15:00 (auditorium Tuomo)
Thu 30.04.2020 09:00–11:30 (auditorium Tuomo)

Attending classroom teaching sessions is not mandatory, but recomended, because there are visiting lecturers.

Changes to the schedule are possible.

There are 10 seats for open UAS students.

More information: