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​Google user agreement

User agreement for Google services

This user agreement applies to the personnel and students (hereinafter referred to as ‘User’) of Laurea University of Applied Sciences (hereinafter referred to as ‘Laurea’) as well as other people to whom Laurea has granted access to the internet-based Google Apps for Education services (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cloud Services’) acquired by Laurea. 

Use of the Cloud Services requires that the User has read and accepted this user agreement between Laurea and the User. 

The User undertakes not to

cause harm or damage to Laurea, other Users or information systems when using Cloud Services;

produce or distribute spam; 

store, process or distribute the following or similar information through the Cloud Services:

  • employment contracts or confirmed pay or performance information;
  • personal or aptitude assessments of jobseekers, employees or students;
  • coursework subject to evaluation (under the student’s or teacher’s user ID) if the retention time is specifically provided for, without also storing the information in a location other than the Cloud Service;
  • health- or illness-related information, such as medical certificates;
  • information concerning a person’s need for or receipt of social welfare services, support measures and other social welfare measures, such as Kela’s allowance decisions;
  • information concerning a criminal offense, legal punishment, sentence or other sanction;
  • other confidental information or personal identity numbers pursuant to the Personal Data Act (523/1999);
  • information specified as confidential in the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) or other applicable law;
  • debit or credit card information;
  • trade and business secrets;
  • passwords or any other information related to the security of IT systems;
  • material protected by copyright or user’s licence of a third party, if said third party has forbidden the processing of the material on cloud services;
  • material infringing copyright, such as images or music that the user does not have the right to use; or
  • illegal material.

The processing of any information related to unpatented inventions, commercially exploitable research data or any other unpublished unregistered tangible rights in the Cloud Services is not recommended. In addition, the terms and conditions of agreements signed by the User with third parties may restrict the User’s right to upload material referred to in such agreements to the Cloud Services. By using the Cloud Services, the User understands that if he or she makes public any material in his or her possession through the Cloud Services, it may not be possible to completely remove such material from the internet after publishing. 

Laurea has the right to discontinue the User’s right to use the Cloud Services in suspected cases of misuse. The right to use the Cloud Services expires at the end of employment or right to study as well as at the expiry of any other ground for the right of use. 

Laurea is not responsible for the functioning of the Cloud Services or any disturbances or interruptions in the operations of the Cloud Services operator (Google). Material saved on the Cloud Services is stored on more than one server at the same time. The User understands that the servers may also be located outside the EU or EEA. Laurea does not make backup copies of any material stored on the Cloud Services, and Laurea’s IT maintenance service cannot restore material deleted by users.

Laurea has the right for technical control of the use of the Cloud Services. In its operations, Laurea complies with any applicable legislation, such as the Personal Data Act, Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life (759/2004) and the Infomation Society Code (917/2014). 

By using the Cloud Service, the user agrees that Laurea processes the personal data necessary for the provision of the Cloud Services, including the User’s name, user ID, student ID and e-mail address. In addition, Users may add their information to the Cloud Service. The User gives his or her consent to disclosing the above personal data outside the EU or EEA. The Users’ personal data are processed with care in compliance with law and good data processing practice.

The providers of Cloud Services apply their respective contractual terms. The User must accept the terms and conditions of Google when using the Cloud Service for the first time.

The terms and conditions for the Google Apps for Education can be found as follows:

The principal agreement for the Google Apps for Education service

Google Apps Data Processing Amendment, Version 1.3 

Standard Contractual Clauses

Laurea reserves the right to make changes to this user agreement.