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Important to know about the enrolling

Enrolment schedule

  • Enrolment for autumn 2021 path studies is in July-August
  • Detailed schedule and instructions will be updated on this site in the end of Spring 2021


Take in notice

  • You can enrol only for one degree programme as a path student
  • Before enrolling familiarize  ways to study, campus and study schedules (published in the middle of May) of the path studies.

Bachelor's degree path studies in Autumn 2021

NOTE! There might be changes to the study places so follow the updates on these sites!

Degree programme



Study Places

Group code

Business Information Technology, Cyber Security


Blended Learning



Hospitality Management and Service Design










Safety, Security and Risk Management


Blended Learning



Service Business Management





See also Finnish taught programmes.

Ways to study and campuses

Path studies can be daytime, blended learning or online studies. Studies will vary depending e.g. on the amount of contact lessons. Notice that one credit requires 27 hour of work in all study forms. More information about studying in Laurea, please visit How to study-site.

Path studies can be offered in six campuses and the main campus of the certain degree programme is mentioned in the degree programme's information. Prepare to participate in the teaching in the campus where the degree programme is implemented. Read more about campuses

Study schedules

Study schedules are the same for path and degree students.

Autumn 2021 schedules will be published in the middle of May and after this you can view your study schedule through Timetable Engine.

  1.  Go to Timetable Engine
  2. Select English in the top right corner
  3. Choose “Group search” for search criteria and write your study group code in to the search field (see your group code from the list above e.g.SNV221KN)
  4. Click Add-button in the end of search result row and select January in the calendar view. You can view schedules monthly, weekly or daily.
  5. Clicking the reservation in the calendar you will see more information about the study implementation.

NOTE! Please notice that changes to published schedules are possible.

Enrolling for path studies

Enrolment for Path Studies in Autumn 2021 is on July-August. More information about the enrolment dates and instructions will be updated on this site in the end of Spring 2021.

Before enrolling familiarize study schedules, ways to study and campus of the path studies.