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The students should be at least at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages prior to taking this course.

Basic information

  • Application period: 30.03.2021-25.04.2021
  • Date: 01.05.2021-31.08.2021
  • Scope: 5 ECTS
  • Location: Online course
  • Price: 75 €


The course is carried out in spring 2021 (between May and August). The course is conducted as an online implementation through Canvas learning platform (no set lectures).

The work space will be accessible by the beginning of the course (at the latest one week before the course starts).

The important dates and assignments to be submitted will be informed in Canvas.


The student is able to

  • develop writing skills in general and academic contexts, including essays, summaries and reports
  • write more accurately and with an awareness of the correct style and layout
  • avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing and using sources in the appropriate manner
  • diagnose and remedy personal weaknesses in writing ability

Teaching methods

Online studying through Canvas learning platform according to the set deadlines.

The study method is independent study (written assignments & process writing) and teacher's individual feedback.

Student workload

Total workload: approximately 135 hours.

Further information

The participants will be informed on practical arrangements in the beginning of the course.

Learning material

  • Study material in Canvas
  • Related material:
    • Bailey, S. 2011. Academic writing: a handbook for international students. 3rd edition. London: Routledge.
    • Björk, L. & Räisänen, C. 1997. Academic writing. 2nd edition. Lund: Studentliteratur.
    • McLean, S. 2010. Business English for Success. Arlington, Virginia: Saylor Academy.


The evaluation is carried out on a scale from 0 (HYL) to 5 and is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (the course is targeted at level C1).

The evaluation principles of the course are published in Canvas learning platform.

More information: