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In order to sign up for this master's level course, you must have a previous Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree.

Basic information

  • Application period: 30.03.2021-02.05.2021
  • Date: 10.05.2021-31.08.2021
  • Scope: 5 ECTS
  • Location: Online course
  • Price: 75 €


This is an online course (Canvas learning platform) which starts 10th May and ends 31st August 2021.

  • Orientation. In May
  • Module 1 Pricing methods and revenue streams. In May & June
  • Module 2 How to build a pricing strategy? In June
  • Module 3 Dynamic pricing. In July & August


The student is able to

  • adapt to the current change from cost focus to customer value orientation
  • explain the theory and research concerning pricing of services
  • price new services using traditional pricing methods
  • apply innovative pricing methods and tools in practice


The course is divided into following parts:

  • Orientation and learning diary
  • Module 1 Pricing methods and revenue streams
  • Module 2 How to build a pricing strategy?
  • Module 3 Dynamic pricing

Teaching methods

The course is organized virtually on Canvas learning platform. Active participation in online discussions is required.

The return dates for assignments will be informed in the Canvas learning platform.

There will be a team project during the summer, which is returned in August. In August there will be final discussions, peer review and you will return your final learning diary.

Student workload

5 ECTS = approximately 135 student working hours

Further information

This course is for Master level students (YAMK) only. Bachelor level students can not enroll to this course.

Learning material

A list of recommended reading will be published in Canvas.


The course will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 / fail.

Individual assignments (50%):

  • Orientation (pass/fail)
  • Learning Diary (1-5)
  • Module 1. Pricing methods and revenue streams (pass/fail)

Team assignments (50%):

  • Module 2. How to build a pricing strategy? (pass/fail)
  • Module 3. Dynamic pricing (1-5)

More information: