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Basic information

  • Application period: 09.06.2021-19.09.2021
  • Date: 01.10.2021-01.12.2021
  • Scope: 5 ECTS ECTS
  • Location: Laurea Tikkurila
  • Price: 75 €


This is an interactive online course, where all meetings take place in zoom.

Contact sessions

08.10.2021 09.00–11.30

14.10.2021 09.00–11.30

21.10.2021 09.00–11.30

28.10.2021 09.00–11.30

04.11.2021 09.00–11.30

11.11.2021 09.00–11.30

18.11.2021 09.00–11.30

25.11.2021 09.00–11.30



The student is able to

  • acknowledge his/her cultural and professional knowledge and skills in the multicultural and multidisciplinary issues
  • gain more cultural know-how and competence in studying and working in international environments and society
  • evaluate his/her own value bases from the multicultural and multidisciplinary point of view
  • recognise the significance of his/her professional competences in relation to global interactions and sustainable development


Teaching methods

In this course, students will gain expertise on different innovative solutions and best practices aimed to promote multicultural and multidisciplinary professional competences.

Students will be able to recognize the impact of globalization on holistic wellbeing and to increase their awareness of ethical knowledge, values and professional competences. Students are also able to recognize and apply different multidisciplinary ways, such as Multisensory Space method, in promoting their professional competences. The course includes lectures and workshops and for the final written assignment, students can choose a topic that specifically interests them.

The course environment is Canvas. This autumn the course is part of UNICAC Erasmus+ project. There are teachers and students from China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan joining the course, so there is a great possibility to get truly global online and meet students and teachers from the Silk Road.

Student workload

The course is five credits long. One credit equals approximately 26.7 hours of work performed by the student.


Further information

Students must be present in the first contact session or notify their teacher in charge if they cannot attend. If they fail to notify the teacher of their absence in the first contact session, their enrolment will be rejected.

Learning material

The relevant course materials will be provided during the course.


The course is evaluated from fail - 5

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