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Bachelor Studies in Project Management

Are you interested in studying and learning in real working life projects?

Network with working life already as a student

At Laurea's Hyvinkää and Tikkurila campuses, you can study business administration according to the unique project study model (P2P). You do not need to have previous experience in project work. Your studies always start with an introduction week, where the most common work tools, programs and practices for project work are reviewed. During the introduction week, the project team formed by the students, familiarizes the beginning students with the life cycle and operating methods of the project together with the supervising lecturers.

During the education you study in project teams under the guidance of expert lecturers. The projects are implemented according to the needs of the right partner companies. The goal of working life projects is to support the business development of each partner company.

Projects can describe for example: 

  • Planning and implementation of various studies such as customer or market studies
  • Business and marketing plans of companies and their implementation
  • Projects related to management and personnel management as well as financial management.

In each project, in addition to practical work, business theory is studied. Competence is shown instead of exams with skills demonstrations and projects that develop the business of each partner. A skills demonstration is usually a short presentation on a topic related to the project, where you can develop your presentation and communication skills, which are important to business experts.

With Laurea's project study model, you can specialize not only in project management but also in, for example, personnel management, marketing or entrepreneurial skills. At the Hyvinkää campus, you can also focus your studies on legal expertise after completing basic studies in business administration.

Project management skills are learned by working practically in project teams as a project manager. An important part of learning is also that some of the projects are international and in English where you work together with exchange students. So you also learn to work in multicultural teams. More than 100 projects are implemented every year so you have a good chance to choose projects that interest you and best support your own career plan.

The project learning model (P2P) is a popular form of study among students. In the projects, you will learn extensively all the different fieldss of business and create strong networks with different companies, which will be useful for your career path, whether you work as a business expert or a manager after graduation. If you have your own company, or want to start one, you can also complete almost your entire business degree while developing your own company through InnoVilla, which operates on the Hyvinkää campus.


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