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Security Management student Jonna, "There are a lot of options in Security Management"

Jonna Konivuori, a student of the English-language Degree Programme in Safety, Security and Risk Management, wants to combine their competence in aviation and safety.

Jonna Konivuori is a second-year student at Laurea in the English-language Degree Programme in Safety, Security and Risk Management. Jonna's path to studies at Laurea has been quite long, literally. She has had a 13-year career as a professional pilot before their studies, and worked in the Middle East for the last nine years before the studies. 

- Flying is great, but I don't want to work only as a pilot for the rest of my life. The coronavirus pandemic interrupted flying for a while and confirmed that I wanted to study a degree in another field, Jonna says. 

Jonna's choice was Security Management. The aviation sector is closely involved with safety issues, so the sector seemed familiar. It was also important that, in the future, she could utilise her competence in the aviation sector. 

- I’m also interested in international assignments, so it was easy to choose education in English, Konivuori adds.

‘The best thing about studies is my fellow students’

Jonna Konivuori began their blended learning studies in autumn 2021 and aims to graduate in 2 or 2.5 years. In blended learning, Jonna started her studies with a diverse group of students of different ages who also have diverse professional experience. 

- The best thing about the studies has been my fellow students, Jonna says. 

- We’ve had a really good team spirit in the group, and everyone is supportive of each other. I believe this study network will help me a lot in the future.

Another valuable aspect of education in English has been internationality. Jonna has not considered actual student exchange, but has been able to participate in intensive weeks related to different security sector projects, 

- A year ago, I participated in a conflict management simulation in Belgium, and this autumn I took part in an intensive week in Latvia. These have been really interesting, Jonna says.

Versatile studies and career opportunities

The Safety, Security and Risk Management programme implemented at Laurea is a Bachelor of Business Administration programme, so in addition to security management, core studies also include business management studies. In addition to compulsory studies, there are many opportunities for specialising in advanced studies.

- I started my studies with an open mind, but I wanted to find things that apply to the aviation sector. Actually, we have others in the group who have experience in aviation, Jonna Konivuori says. 

- Still, at the same time, I’m interested in crisis management and conflict management. 

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