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Nursing student Senja: ‘I want a meaningful job’

Student interview: Senja Multala from the English-language nursing programme.

Studying in the English-language nursing degree programme provides a great opportunity to improve your English as well as your international and multicultural skills – regardless of whether you are planning to work in Finland or some other country. Second-year Laurea nursing student Senja Multala aims for an international career as a nurse:

-    I applied for the English-language programme particularly because I would like to become a relief worker.

With a Finnish degree in nursing, it is possible to work as a nurse anywhere in the EU. In addition to learning the language, the English-language degree programme provides a very international study environment. In Senja Multala’s group, for instance, there are students from Africa, the Middle East, the USA and Asia.

-    Our group is absolutely fantastic, Multala enthuses.
-    It’s a great asset to hear the opinions of people coming from different countries and cultures. Just recently, we had great discussions about vaccination and the associated ethical questions.

Dreaming of relief work abroad

On the day of the interview, Senja had just completed the seventh day of her first work placement in a hospital. During the first days in the internal medicine ward of Malmi Hospital she had already learned a lot.

-    For instance, at school we have trained advanced pharmaceutical care in workshops, but the truth is that the practical skills required at work you can only learn by doing, Senja says.
-    It has been great to take a work placement in a hospital and practice everything under the supervision of an instructor.

"It’s important for me to feel that I’m in the right place, doing something meaningful."

At the moment, Multala is particularly interested in acute care and work in the emergency department or intensive care unit.

-    In Finland, I’m active in the Red Cross and would like to take Red Cross relief worker training. One of my dreams after graduation is to join the Red Cross Response Unit and go on short assignments abroad or engage in long-term relief work in developing countries.

The work of a nurse is meaningful

During her studies, Senja Multala definitely wants to participate in a student exchange programme. The best time for this is the so-called Mobility Window of one semester, which is included in all curricula. For Senja, one possible alternative is to apply for a nursing programme in the United States to obtain a double degree in nursing.

-    Exchange studies in France are also a very interesting option. It would pave the way to working in developing countries or the Doctors Without Borders organisation, she explains.

Before becoming a Laurea student, Senja has completed solution-focused supervisor studies. Well-being and meeting people are important for her:

-    It’s important for me to feel that I’m in the right place, doing something meaningful, and that I’m needed, she describes.
-    It is not possible to change everything or help every person in the world. However, even brief moments of being able to relieve a person’s distress or suffering are very meaningful.

The degree programmes are open for application during 8th - 22nd January 2020. Read more about The Degree Programme in Nursing and apply now!