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Michael Castro: Degree Programme in Business Information Technology offers diverse employment opportunities

Michael from the Philippines is studying for a third year in English Business Information Technology degree programme.

Michael, who is studying to become a Bachelor of Business Administration, originally comes from the Philippines. Michael moved to Finland over six years ago, when nurses from the Philippines were recruited to Finland. In Finland, Michael started as a practical nurse, but computers have always been of the greatest interest and have been close to Michael's heart from a young age. 

- Therefore, I decided to study a new field in Finland, and apply to Laurea to study business information technology.

According to Michael, the most surprising thing in Finland has been that Finns are not as reserved as they say, and people have been very helpful. Finland is also very modern, and several things are automated. 

Studies related to web development interest the most

In addition to the interest in the IT sector, Michael applied for Laurea because of the flexible study opportunities. Michael is currently working full-time, and studying online makes it possible to combine work and studies.

The studies consist of business management studies, as well as IT studies, which enables diverse job opportunities after graduation. Web development courses are the most interesting of all, and they are the main reason why Michael chose IT. 

- Before applying to Laurea, I completed a few online courses on web development, which increased my interest in it, and my studies at Laurea have strengthened these skills, Michael explains. 

- I particularly like web development because it allows me to be creative and solve algorithms, Michael continues. 

Updating one's own competence is important

My student group has students from several countries and our class is truly international, with students from South America, Asia, and all over Europe.

- The best part of the studies has been that we work in teams, in the same way as in workplaces, Michael says. 

Michael has completed both internships at a start-up company, in Espoo. In the internship, Michael worked as a Full Stack Developer in Front-end and Back-end development. The Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult to find an internship and postponed the start of the internship by six months.

- When searching for an internship, one must be motivated and not give up too easily. 

At the moment, Michael works full-time as a software engineer, in an international company, in Turku, that focuses on computer-assisted design of buildings and cars, for instance.

In the future, Michael wants to develop as a software engineer. 

- In this field, it is important to constantly update your skills so that you do not fall behind.

- At some point, I might also like to complete a master's degree and set up my own company.

Michael has two tips for future students: 

- Stay motivated and prioritise, as motivation allows you to go a long way, and you always have to make compromises in your studies. The beginning is always the hardest, Michael encourages.

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