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Laurea-graduate Krenare Bunjaku: "Studying at Laurea really prepared me for working life”

Krenare Bunjaku, who graduated from the Safety, Security and Risk Management training, gives a student interview.

Krenare Bunjaku, who moved from Kosovo to Finland a few years ago, is delighted. Today, on Friday 7 June, Krenare graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration from Laurea's English-language Safety, Security and Risk Management degree program and celebrates this milestone at Laurea’s traditional graduation ceremony. As early as spring 2024, Krenare also landed a job in one of the most renowned companies in her field. She is a Risk Assurance Associate for PwC Finland.

– This education has opened many doors for me. I feel both proud and grateful, Krenare describes their feelings on the graduation day.

Flexible studies enable a personal study path

Krenare Bunjaku first came to Finland as an exchange student when studying international Sales and Marketing in Kosovo. Krenare fell in love with Finland, completed her studies here and remained here. renare was particularly impressed and intrigued by the level of preparedness and public safety in Finland, She was inspired to pursue here studies in Finland. Krenare was interested in safety as a theme, making Laurea's Safety, Security and Risk Management programme a natural choice.

– Studying at Laurea has been a remarkable experience. It is difficult to raise one thing over the others from our degree programme, but projects related to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection have been the most interesting for me, Krenare says.

One thing that receives particular praise from Krenare is the flexibility of studies. The flexibility of blended learning has enabled Krenare to study and work at the same time.

– I have not had to compromise on either of them, but adapting my studies to my daily life has been easy. Everyone at Laurea has also been very encouraging and supported me in my studies, says Krenare.

– In addition to core concepts and subjects, Laurea gives the students the freedom to have input in their study path which allows you to modify your studies based on your interest.

“Laurea's education is well known in the field"

Krenare is particularly happy about how well the studies at Laurea have prepared them for working life in the security field. After a couple of years of study, Krenare started applying for jobs in the field in Finland and was surprised:

– I had many job opportunities, even though I hadn't graduated yet, Krenare says.

– This was certainly influenced by the fact that Laurea's education has a good reputation in the field. I have not had to explain what I've studied at Laurea, because employers are familiar with the programme.

Krenare made also another observation on the reputation of Laurea's Security Management degree programme during the studies. Looking around, Krenare realised who were in the same degree programme:

– In our group, you'll encounter people from all walks of life, including police officers, members of the Defense forces, and even pilots. Despite their experience and knowledge in their fields, they were eager to learn more. It was then when I realized that studying here was going to be worthwhile., Krenare describes.

“It is never too late to study”

One thing surprised Krenare about the fellow students in her programme:

– Heading into my second bachelor, I was expecting to be one of the more senior students in the group, she recalls. 

– I couldn't have been more wrong. In Finland, many continue to study even in their fifties. As long as you have the passion to learn new things and develop, you will never be too old to study.


Laurea's graduation ceremony was held on Friday 7th June at the Leppävaara campus. The graduation ceremony was streamed live for all those friends and relatives who were unable to attend. It can be watched anytime on Laurea's YouTube channel.