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Student team produced an instructional video for National Courts Administration for witnesses in court

The student team provided the National Courts Administration with instructional video for witnesses during their service design course.

Pictured from left to right is student Tarek Abdrabo, specialist Nina Immonen, specialist Taru Alanaatu, student Mirkka Helkkula, student Tero Jyrhämä, specialist Juha Lavikainen and Director of Development Pasi Kumpula

During the Service Design Process and Methods course, Laurea students conducted an instructional video on being a witness in the court. The video was published on 10.5.2022 on the website of the National Courts Administration. 

From the beginning of 2020, the National Courts Administration with Judicial Training Boards has been responsible for the  Finnish Courts national competence development measures and training activities.

The purpose of the project was to facilitate and improve the experience of witnesses in Finnish courts. The video project started during the Service Design course and continued even after that, as students Tarek AbdraboEkaterina NikitinaMirkka Helkkula and Tero Jyrhämä wanted to refine the video so that the National Courts Administration could use it. Behind the informative video are a lot of interviews with witnesses as well as testing, analysis and workshops that helped shape the outcome.

In the instructional video “As a Witness in Trial”, students have visualized what is expected of witnesses in court and how to prepare for the task. The video gives clear instructions to the viewer through subtitles and animation.

The team of four has invested a lot in the project in a years time and are satisfied with the finished product.

-It is really great to see how our ideas have come true and what kind of support we have received from the experts of the Courts Administration, says Tarek Abdrado.

The student team values ​​the opportunity to develop genuine working life services.

-Rarely we have the opportunity to bring a student project to the right purpose in real life, says Tero Jyrhämä.

According to Nina Immonen, a specialist from the National Courts Administration who was very involved in the development project, the video is very well suited to the Administrations needs.

-It has been eye-opening to hear comments from students about this project and it has been very rewarding to work with this active group.

You can watch the video here: As a Witness in a Trial - YouTube