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The first shopping centre campus in Finland to open in the autumn

In the autumn of 2019, Laurea’s Lohja campus will move to new facilities in the Lohi shopping centre, located in the heart of Lohja. Laurea students will be able to start their studies at the end of August in new, modern facilities designed in line with sustainable development.

Shopping centre Lohi 13.6.2019

A new campus solution has long been prepared for Lohja to ensure uniform and modern facilities for Laurea. Laurea aims to offer its students learning and working environments that are easily available both physically and online. Therefore, location was the primary criterion when examining the options for new campus solutions. For Laurea, it was also important to bring all the campus activities under one roof to better enable interaction and cooperation between students, Laurea experts and partners, which is essential to Laurea’s philosophy.

Socially, ecologically and financially sustainable choices 

The entire design process of the new campus has been guided by the principle of sustainable development, which is also one of the themes in Laurea’s strategy. In campus development, sustainability has been observed from social, ecological and financial viewpoints. 

- We want to use society’s funds wisely and responsibly, and the accessibility, efficient use and maintenance of the facilities are important factors that are systematically monitored and developed. The specifications and solutions for procuring goods and services and reusing old moveables play a key role in these three dimensions of sustainability, says Elina Flemming, Development Manager at Laurea, who has been involved in the campus project since the beginning.

In the campus project, sustainability has been diversely observed at a local level in both Laurea and Lohja and choices supporting sustainable development have been promoted at every step. The surplus moveables and classroom equipment from the old campus have been developed for reuse, placed at other campus areas, sold or donated. In addition, goods have been obtained from local entrepreneurs wherever possible.

- The project manager trainees whose essential tasks include implementing the sustainability theme have proved to be a key link in the moving project. In practice, they have examined opportunities for circular economy, provided guidelines for recycling, taught themselves even more about these subjects, and encouraged the reuse and recycling of goods, says Flemming.

Flexible, modern and safe spatial solutions

The rapidly changing operating environment and the diversity of the educating principles require flexible spatial and furnishing solutions suited for many types of use and diversely supporting learning. Flexibility also includes predicting future needs; the facilities should be adjustable for changing spatial needs and purposes. A particular feature of the new campus facilities is that the entire shared lobby and central area have been utilised so that the learning environment continues as a library and as zones for independent and group work and is not limited to the classrooms. A simulated environment for nursing will be developed for the campus as a special learning environment.

As usually in Laurea, this campus project has also been developed with proactive safety work and in efficient cooperation with the members and stakeholders of our university community. The goal is to ensure an environment where all the campus users can feel safe by increasing openness and transparency in the environment, thus increasing positive surveillance.

- Safety is the responsibility and also the right of each member of the university community. The entire community has been involved in building safety and risk management at the campus.  The campus will have innovative, safe solutions designed for a university environment, says Tiina Ranta, Director of Safety and Security at Laurea.

Diverse services in downtown Lohja

Lohi shopping centre is going to house about 20 operators with about 200 employees. The centre will also have a heated parking hall with 200 parking spaces. The street level of the shopping centre will offer various services, such as S-market, a pharmacy, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookshop, hairdresser Salon Klipsi, Timanttiset jewellery shop, Fitness24/7, fashion shops such as Lindex, Alko liquor shop and the digiShowroom of Hyundai Motor Finland Oy. The food court of the shopping centre will host a relaxed diner called Antonio as well as Toast café offering breakfast, lunch and snacks. Thanks to Lohi, Lohja will also see the return of the Sokos department store, offering fashion, cosmetics as well as a small household goods section.

Lohi shopping centre’s opening festivities will take place on Thursday 5 September with Laurea organising events and activities at its new campus facilities. Laurea students will be able to start their studies at the end of August in the new, modern facilities.

We warmly welcome you to explore the first shopping centre campus in Finland in September!

Watch the video to see how the Laurea campus looks like at the moment.


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