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Students familiarize with circular economy through service design

Learning lane “Circular Economy for Sustainable Growth” has taken its place as a part of 3AMK studies.

In the 3AMK studies, students from three schools get to know each other. In the picture: Emmi Lahtinen (Laurea), Suvi Julkunen and George (Haaga-Helia) and Viktoria Haarni (Metropolia).

This autumn, the learning lane was organized for the second time and it seems that circular economy raised interest among students again this year.

The lane consists of three study modules. In the first study module by Metropolia the students got to know the basis of circular economy and sustainable society from the viewpoint of society, business and consumers. The students also had a workshop day in Heureka Science Center.

Haaga-Helia’s study module explored the different business models of circular economy and also introduced the basics of sharing economy and platform businesses. The third study module by Laurea provided both theoretical and practical knowledge of service design in the context of circular economy.

Topicality of circular economy attracted students

Haaga-Helia student Suvi Julkunen says that she learned new things about businesses in circular economy.

– I learned about business models and why the whole concept of circular economy exists, Julkunen says.

She ended up on the learning lane because of her general interest in sustainability and business. The topic suits her values.

– No student would come here if they were not interested in the topic, she thinks.

Laurea student Emmi Lahtinen got interested in the learning lane because in her opinion circular economy is a trending and topical issue.

According to the students, environment, sustainable development and circular economy are important topics and therefore it is good that there are studies about them.

– And it’s also nice to get to know other students from 3AMK, adds Viktoria Haarni who studies in Metropolia.

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