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Selections for Master’s degree programmes conducted online: “An increasingly student-centric selection method”

The results of the joint application procedure will be published on 15 July, at the latest.

This spring, Laurea tested a new approach to student selection. In four of the Master’s degree programmes beginning in autumn 2020 in Finnish, students were selected based on selection courses organised online. The trial was a success: both students and course instructors gave positive feedback on their experiences.

Selection courses were organised in the following master’s degree programmes: Development and Management of Cosmetics Expertise, Behavioural Insights in Business Applications, Leading Sustainable Growth and Legal Design and Expertise.

The selection process gave applicants the opportunity to acquaint themselves with Canvas, Laurea’s brand new online learning platform, which was used to provide the selection courses. The applicants completed the course at their own pace in April–May.

The selection course can be included in studies

The selection courses have now ended, and according to the principal lecturers coordinating them, the courses were so successful that the method can continue to be used in the future. On the whole, the feedback collected from the applicants who participated in the selection courses was also positive.

- Students were particularly satisfied that the work they put in during the course was not for nothing. Those who are selected can include the credits earned in their degree, says Maria Ekström, Principal Lecturer.

Those who were not selected this time but who successfully completed the selection course will, in turn, receive a register entry for the course as studies completed in the open university of applied sciences. In addition to being used in student selection, the course aimed to familiarise applicants with studies and their content.

- The five credits earned for the course will make the students’ autumn term a bit lighter, says Marjo Poutanen, Principal Lecturer.

The exceptional circumstances call for flexibility from everyone

Adapting to the exceptional circumstances this past spring has required flexibility from those providing the selection courses as well as from the applicants.

- For us teachers, the new selection method and the adoption of the new Canvas platform meant a great deal of learning. We gained numerous insights and experiences that will be useful in the future, says Johanna Aalto, Senior Lecturer.

More than anything, the instructors of the selection courses wish to thank the applicants for open-mindedly participating in the exceptional arrangements.

- They were true heroes for taking part in the selection courses on a tight schedule and in a new situation! Likewise, they did excellently in completing the course under the exceptional circumstances.