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Laurea’s Multisensory Space achieved recognition in London

The multisensory innovation created at Laurea was awarded by the Global Women Invention & Innovation Network.

Images, sounds and physical objects, for example, can be used to build various experiential environments in the Multisensory Space.

Laurea’s Multisensory Space and its developers, lecturers Minttu Räty and Tiina Wikström, were rewarded at a conference organised by the Global Women Invention & Innovation Network. In explaining their decision for granting the Special Recognition Award, the jury highlighted the creative and inspirational nature of the Multisensory Space as well as the determined and systematic development of the method.

The Multisensory Space, which makes use of experiential elements and multiple senses, has been developed at Laurea for several years. It offers experiences for all the senses, and guides visitors through different environments with the help of images, sounds, smells, flavours and physical objects. The Multisensory Space can be used for learning and empowerment and for promoting a sense of community.

-    We are very pleased to have received this international recognition. A big thanks goes to all our cooperation partners who have contributed to the development of the Multisensory Space—to Laurea’s staff as well as to municipal and third-sector partners, says Minttu Räty.

-    I have truly enjoyed developing the Multisensory Space with Minttu for over a decade. Over the years, the concept has been refined, clarified and diversified. It has become a brilliant method for pedagogic and social work, and it continues to generate good practices for those working among immigrants, young people, senior citizens, children and families, Tiina Wikström adds.

The Global Women Invention & Innovation Network (GWIIN) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote the international success of women’s innovations. Since 1998, the GWIIN Conference, Showcase and Awards Ceremony has celebrated over 1,675 women inventors and innovators at events held around the world.
The goal of the GWIIN is to strengthen, boost and inspire women around the world to continue to develop innovations and create positive social change and global success stories.

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