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Laurea’s coronavirus instructions: We lift restrictions while ensuring safety

It is possible to increase the amount of face-to-face instruction on campuses as the current restrictions imposed by authorities change from 15 October 2021. Until further notice, we require using a mask on the campuses and we follow good hygiene practices in all activities.

(Instructions updated on 30 September 2021: instructions for teaching, services, and travel renewed)

The instructions will be updated in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations issued by the authorities to ensure the safety of both students and employees and the continuity of Laurea’s operations.

Teaching arrangements 

The increase in vaccination coverage and the facilitation of the epidemic situation in Finland make it possible to safely increase the amount of face-to-face instruction on campuses in accordance with the following principles:

  • All instruction designed as face-to-face instruction can be arranged on campuses from 15 October 2021, if it is appropriate and possible for the implementation of the instruction.
  • In all campus activities, we emphasise safety, strive to keep sufficient distances and maintain good hygiene. Moreover, facial masks shall be worn on the campuses.
  • The study progress and competence development of students who are placed in quarantine or are absent for health reasons will be ensured through pedagogical solutions, such as independent learning assignments to compensate for the absences.
  • Our aim is that normal teaching arrangements will be implemented as of 1 January 2022. 

Space reservations must be updated in the Peppi system if needed.

Organising events on campuses

From 15 October 2021, events can be organised on Laurea’s campuses in accordance with the following principles:

  • The organiser of the event is responsible for health safety practices. Only healthy people are allowed on site, the use of a face mask is required, and the organiser is responsible for ensuring sufficient distances and hygiene levels.
  • Indoors, the number of participants in the event is recommended to be no more than 75% of the maximum number of people on the premises
  • Events organised in outdoor areas are carried out in accordance with the valid recommendations and regulations imposed by authorities.

If the epidemic situation changes, the instructions may have to be changed and planned events may have to be cancelled. It is recommended that major student events be postponed and held at the earliest at the beginning of November, when vaccine coverage among young adults is higher than now.

Services on the campuses 

Services on the campuses are available in accordance with their opening hours. The use of any and all Laurea’s campus services requires social distancing, minimising contacts, ensuring good hand hygiene and wearing facial masks in accordance with the provided instructions. We recommend that the use of facilities is planned so that the number of clients allowed into the premises is up to 75% of the facility’s capacity.

Laurea’s Student Affairs Offices and ServiceDesk are open online and on campus. We recommend that you use the services online or book an appointment to minimise the number of office visitors on campus and ensure the availability of the services.

Travel abroad by students  

Student exchanges abroad are possible in countries where the level of safety specified in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel advice is “noudata tavanomaista varovaisuutta” (adhere to normal safety measures) or “noudata erityistä varovaisuutta” (exercise special caution). It is the duty of those planning an international exchange to seek the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel advice for the target country, the up-to-date entry regulations and any national restrictions and recommendations. The implementation of placements abroad requires a separate risk assessment if the safety level specified in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel advice for the target country is “vältä tarpeetonta matkustamista” (avoid unnecessary travel) or “vältä kaikkea matkustamista” (avoid all travel). Travel is not possible to countries where the safety level is “poistu maasta välittömästi” (leave the country immediately).

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends that all travellers travelling abroad are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus before the journey.

With questions related to travel, students may contact

Common instructions for maintaining safety  

The prerequisites for safe working on campus are responsible co-operation and compliance with the common instructions:  

  • Do not enter a campus unless you are completely healthy. Anyone experiencing any symptoms must immediately get tested for COVID-19 in accordance with the instructions provided by their local health care services. If you experience symptoms or suspect exposure, you can fill in a coronavirus symptom checker on the website.  
  • Wear a face mask while on campus. Persons who are unable to wear a face mask for health-related reasons shall use a personal reusable protective visor. You can pick up a mask/visor from Lobby Services. The use of your own masks/visors is also possible.  
  • Laurea provides students with masks every day. These masks are either surgical mouth and nose masks or FFP2 masks. The use of textile masks alone is not recommended. The availability of FFP2-level masks will be increased on the campuses. 
  • Maintain good hand and coughing hygiene. Everyone must immediately wash and sanitise their hands when entering campus facilities or moving from a space or classroom to another, and otherwise as necessary.  
  • Maintain sufficient distances on the campuses. 
  • In addition to enhanced cleaning, disinfection wipes are available for wiping down shared surfaces. 
  • We recommend everyone to download the Koronavilkku app on their phone. 
  • We encourage all employees and students to get the recommended vaccines as soon as possible. 
  • Students can book campus facilities in the reservation system for their own work or for working in small groups while complying with the safety guidelines. When you reserve a space for working in a small group, the names of all participants must be stated in the reservation. This will speed up the tracking of potential exposure chains.  
  • Read all Laurea's safety instructions ​​​​​​​

Read more about transmission and protection (Finnish institute for Health and Welfare)