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Laurea had free career planning workshops for students

With the aim of helping students to find jobs and internships Laurea organised workshops related to career planning and building useful skills.


Laurea organized on 2nd October, 10th October and 8th of November workshops, that provided practical tips and advices to students in job application process. Ms. Noora Paakkari, an expert in Recruitment Services from Adecco – the largest staffing firm in the world, gave students insider’s perspective about current recruitment needs as well as opportunities regarding different fields, especially in Finland. More than that, the collaboration between Laurea and Adecco allow students to give out their CVs to Ms. Paakkari through Laurea. This opportunity brings students near to their dream jobs than ever.

Ms. Sanna Eronen, Planning Officer was responsible of these career planning workshops. She always interacts with students to perceive their needs, particularly, she concerns about helping international students who are facing difficulty to find internships or jobs after graduation. She planned to organize workshops not only about jobs/internships, but also develop practical skills to help students gain their best opportunities.

Okko Soini, a second-year student in Business Management, said he found  the workshop really informative and useful. He enjoyed the tips and advices from Ms. Paakkari. He would like Laurea to continue to organize similar events, it gave him new and useful perspective about career planning.

In addition, within this workshop, students were surprised that they missed lots of useful information that Laurea provided to students. Do you know for example that as a Laurea student, you can get a premium account for free to use – a really beneficial website to create and update your CV, cover letter? 

This article was written by Digital Service Business and Marketing students.


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