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Laurea gets the largest number of additional student places for bachelor’s degrees in Finland

A total of 2,200 additional student places are proposed to be made available at universities of applied sciences in 2020, of which 210 are for Laurea’s degree programmes.


The Ministry of Education and Culture has proposed that universities of applied sciences make additional student places available in their bachelor’s degree studies. The Ministry proposes a total of 2,200 additional student places for 2020. As many as 210 of these would target Laurea’s degree programmes. The number is the largest in Finland.

This notable investment in education is in line with the Government Programme as well as the report released by the preparation group, led by Martti Hetemäki, which was set up to plan Finland’s measures for dealing with COVID-19 and its aftermath. Increasing the amount of student intake is an effective way to raise the level of education in Finland and support the country’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

- Laurea University of Applied Sciences will proudly fulfil its social responsibility and will offer the full number of proposed additional student places, says President and CEO Jouni Koski.
- We are particularly pleased that the additional places target degree programmes that are attractive and offer good employment prospects. This will help stimulate and rebuild our country, he adds.

Laurea’s new student places will be distributed in the following way:

  • Health and welfare: 135 additional places
  • Services: 20 additional places
  • Business, administration and law: 25 additional places
  • Business Information Systems: 30 additional places

- Laurea has long been very popular among applicants to higher education, says Katri Ojasalo, Vice President of Education.
- We are pleased to be able to accept more applicants into our extremely popular degree programmes. The additional student places will allow over 200 new students to begin their studies at Laurea next autumn. I believe the applicants will welcome this news with great enthusiasm.

- This year has been truly exceptional. The rapid transfer of teaching and other operations online and the special arrangements made for entrance examinations have been huge operations, which were handled very successfully by our superb, committed staff. The planning required for these new additional student places will also be done on a very tight schedule. We must ensure the coping of our staff during these exceptional times, Jouni Koski, President and CEO, adds.