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Laurea Experts and Scholars Make Their Mark and Shines at IEEE EDUCON 2024 Scientific and Innovation Conference

Scholars and experts from Laurea University of Applied Sciences have made their mark at the prestigious IEEE EDUCON 2024 Conference.

Senior Lecturer and CyberSecPro project manager Paresh Rathod at the IEEE EDUCON 2024 Conference.

In a significant development that underscores the global impact of Finnish academia, scholars and experts from Laurea University of Applied Sciences have made their mark at the prestigious IEEE EDUCON 2024.

Laurea Experts Presenting at IEEE EDUCON 2024.

Paresh Rathod, Jyri Rajamäki, and Timo Savolainen, the trio from Laurea, presented their scholarly work at the conference, held in the historic city of Kos, Greece. Their presentations were not just a testament to their individual expertise, but also a reflection of the robust academic, innovation and education environment at Laurea.  The development work presented by the Laurea team aimed to achieve multi-fold project objectives. These included:

CyberSecPro Digital Europe Project’s Training and Workshops: The Laurea team played a pivotal role in the training and workshops of the CyberSecPro Digital Europe Project aiming to contribute towards European cybersecurity expertise and capacity building. Their contributions helped enhance the knowledge base of the participants, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development/

Laurea’s Scholarly Work and 7 IEEE Papers: The team disseminated research and innovation work outcomes through seven IEEE papers. These papers, which spanned a range of topics, reflected the depth and breadth of Laurea’s scholarly work. They contributed significantly to the global body of knowledge in their respective fields, sparking discussions and inspiring further research. Some of the topics to be mentioned below:

  1. Integrating International Research-Innovation Projects and Working Life Partners into Cybersecurity Degree Programme
  2. A Case of Cybersecurity Skilling, Upskilling, and Reskilling: Application of the Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) Through EU Innovation Projects
  3. Importance of Programming in Cybersecurity: Preliminary Findings From a Pilot Study Tailoring a Python Course for Targeted Educational Needs
  4. Towards the Harmonisation of Cybersecurity Education and Training in the European Union Through Innovation Projects
  5. Enhancing Security Education: A Comprehensive Analysis of Virtualized Learning Approaches in the Study of Hybrid Threats
  6. Business Continuity Management of Critical Infrastructures From the Cybersecurity Perspective
  7. Enhancing Cybersecurity Education for the Healthcare Sector: Fostering Interdisciplinary ManagiDiTH Approach

Special Session on Cybersecurity Professional Education and Training: A Laurea international expat, Paresh Rathod who is also an educator, RDI Thematic Leader, EU Cybersecurity Agency expert and co-chairman at ECSO, Brussels has again co-chaired a Special Session with Prof. Polemi (UPRC, Greece) along with the team of EU expert technical committee on the topic “Cybersecurity Professional Education and Training: Advancements and Future Directions”. This session provided valuable insights into the future trends and advancements in cybersecurity education and training, helping shape the discourse in this critical field.

This achievement is a remarkable testament to Laurea and Finland’s commitment to innovative scholarly work and their significant contribution to education-RDI and European projects. It underscores the role of Finnish academia in driving innovation and knowledge dissemination on a global scale.

The Laurea community is immensely proud of their scholars and looks forward to their continued contributions to academia and industry alike. Their work at IEEE EDUCON 2024 is just one example of how Laurea is shaping the future of education and research.

As Laurea continues to make strides in academia and research, the communities watches with keen interest for various innovative solutions. The achievements of various Laurea EU innovation projects are a beacon of inspiration for scholars, illuminating the path towards academic excellence and innovation. Their work is a testament to the power of scholarly pursuit and the impact it can have on society at large.

Acknowledgement and credits: We acknowledge the EU funded projects including CyberSecPro, DYNAMO, EU-CIP, ManagiDiTH, OKM-Cyber Project and other at IEEE EDUCON 2024.  The development work encompassing diverse expert base from Laurea, Finland and EU partners including namely:  Jyri Rajamäki (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland), Rauno Pirinen (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland); Paresh Rathod (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland & Trustilio BV-Amsterdam-The Netherlands, Finland);Pasi Kämppi (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland); Emilia Gugliandolo (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italy); Kevin Fleming (Inlecom Commercial Pathways, Ireland); Nineta Polemi (University of Piraeus, Greece); Katja M Henttonen (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland); Outi Ahonen (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland); Carlos Serrão (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal); João C Ferreira (ISCTE, Portugal); Martti Lehto (University of Jyväskylä, Finland); Kitty Kitty Kioskli (University of Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Jan Wessels Wessels (Rabobank, The Netherlands); Ricardo Lugo (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia); Timo Savolainen (Laurea University of Applied Sciences & Aalto University, Finland); Nora McCarthy (University College Cork, Ireland); Karen Neville (University College Cork & Centre for Security and Mobile Research, Ireland); Harri Ruoslahti (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland); Ilkka Tikanmäki (Laurea University of Applied Sciences & National Defence University, Finland).

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