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Laurea and Business Finland offering Cyber Morning – Autumn Webinar for EU ECHO project

As part of European Union ECHO project, Laurea and Business Finland are partnering and organising multi-actor Cyber Morning with the aim to raise awareness around key topics of cybersecurity. This autumn’s cyber morning lined up prominent EU speakers and experts.

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The purpose of the event is also to provide a platform for awareness, cooperation and partnerships with key actors, participants, and stakeholders.  This event focuses on dissemination of research findings offered in ECHO Project to impact European Cybersecurity and Societies.

Programme 24th of November, 2022

10:00 – 10:10 Opening and welcome

  • Harri Ruoslahti, ECHO Laurea Project Manager, Principal Lecturer
  • Kirsi Kokko, Head of Program, Digital Trust, Business Finland

10:10 – 10:55 Keynote: European Cybersecurity Capacity Building Efforts (Focus on the importance of industry-academia and policy makers cooperation)

  • Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General and founder, European Cybersecurity Org-ECSO, Brussels
  • Nina Olesen, Sector Head, European Cybersecurity Org-ECSO, Brussels

11:00 – 12:00 Panel: Cybersecurity Capacity Building and the Role of the Academia-Industry Partnership

  • Moderator: Professor Nineta Polemi, University of Piraeus, Cybersecurity Research Lab, CTO & co-founder of trustilio BV

Speakers (Panelists):

  • Ian Oliver, Scientist (Cybersecurity), Nokia Bell Labs
  • Matteo Merialdo, Director, Engineering – Security Services, RHEA Group
  • Paresh Rathod, Thematic Leader (Cyber RDI), Senior Lecturer (ICT), Laurea-Finland
  • Reijo Savola, Project Manager (Cybersecurity), University of Jyväskylä-Finland

12:05 – 12:35 Tech topic: ECHO Federated Cyber Ranges (E-FCR)

  • Harri Ruoslahti, ECHO Laurea Project Manager, Principal Lecturer
  • Matteo Merialdo, Director, Engineering – Security Services, RHEA Group

12:35 – 12:45 Closing by Laurea and Business Finland

Programme (pdf)

How to get involved?

You may join to Online Zoom Webinar Stream via this link (no need for registration)

Or Zoom Access below (No need for registration): 

Meeting ID: 684 4558 3901 

Passcode: 722238 

We kindly welcome our collaboration partners, colleagues, industry representatives and higher education students.

Laurea, Business Finland and European Cybersecurity Organisation (Brussels) partnering for cybersecurity awareness and societal impact:

Laurea, Business Finland and European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO, Brussels) partnering to offer Cyber morning under EU ECHO project event. The event aims for societal impact and cybersecurity consolidation and helps relevant partners to collaborate and cooperate internally and externally. The cybers morning offers industry-academia and policy makers’ multifaceted event aim to contribute to regional, national and European cybersecurity solutions as well as business development.

The ECHO offers Laurea Cyber Morning twice a year and this autumn’s cyber morning lined up prominent EU speakers and experts. Welcome and join to Cyber Morning!


Luigi Rebuffi is the Secretary General and founder of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation), as well as founder and Secretary General of the Women4Cyber Foundation. After graduating in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy), he worked in Germany on the development of high-power microwave systems for the next thermonuclear fusion reactor (ITER). He continued his career at Thomson CSF / Thales in France, where he took on increasing responsibilities for European Affairs (R&D) in different sectors: telecom, industrial, medical, scientific, becoming in 2003 Director for European Affairs for the civilian activities of the Group. He suggested the creation of EOS (European Organisation for Security), coordinated its establishment in 2007 and was its CEO for 10 years. Until 2016 and for 6 years, he was an advisor to the European Commission for the EU Security Research Programme and President of the Steering Board of the French ANR for security research. In 2016 was one of the founders of ECSO and signed with the European Commission the cPPP on cybersecurity. In 2019 he created the Women4Cyber Foundation to promote participation of women in cybersecurity and became its present Secretary General and member of the Administrative body. In 2020 he was nominated in the list of “IFSEC Global Influencers in security - Executives”. 

 Nina Olesen is Head of Sector for Applications & Human Factors at the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) which she helped establish in 2016 and which is today the unique European public-private organisation focusing on cybersecurity and offering a 360° view on the rapid evolution of the digital environment. In her current role, Nina is responsible for coordinating and supervising all activities related to WG3 on ‘Cyber Resilience of Economy, Infrastructure, and Services’ and WG5 on ‘Education, Training, Cyber Ranges, and Human Aspects’, including overseeing ECSO’s Women4Cyber and Youth4Cyber initiatives. Nina is also a member of ENISA’s European Cybersecurity Skills Framework ad-hoc working group.

Nineta Polemi is a cybersecurity Professor in the University of Piraeus-UNIPI- (Cyber Security Lab, Dept. of Informatics) and CTO/ Co-Founder of trustilio. She established and acted as director of the UNIPI cybersecurity lab. She served (2017-2020) as Programme Manager and Policy Officer in the European Commission DG (CONNECT H1 Unit entitled ’Cybersecurity Technologies and Capabilities’). Her cybersecurity expertise is on: operational risk/conformity assessment, security management, incident management, supply chain security, threat intelligence. She has obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Coding Theory) from The City University of New York (Graduate Center). She held teaching and research positions in The City University of New York (Queens & Baruch Colleges), State University of New York (Farmingdale), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)-Solvay Brussels School-. She has over 150 publications in security has organised numerous scientific and policy international cybersecurity scientific events and trainings e.g. cyberhot.  She has received many research grants (NATO, IEEE) and awards (NSA, MSI Army Research Office IEEE, CYNY, Hellenic Ministry of Maritime, Hellenic National Defense General) and has participated as Project and Technical Manager in more than 60 cybersecurity international, EU and national R&D and commercial projects. She serves as external expert/reviewer/consultant in  EC,  ENISA, FORTH, Focal Point, CodeWeTrust. She is a member of ETSI in the working groups of Cyber and AI.

Ian Oliver, a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs working on Trusted and High-integrity Cyber Security applied to 5G and future 6G mobile technologies, NFV, Edge and IoT devices with particular emphasis on the safety-critical domains. He works for Nokia Bell Labs as a senior security researcher specialising in high-integrity and trusted Network Function Virtualisation "TelcoCloud" systems, and on occasion the more theoretical underpinnings of privacy and privacy engineering. He also holds a Research Fellow position at the University of Brighton working with the Visual Modelling Group on diagrammatic forms of reasoning and semantics. He previously worked as the privacy officer for Nokia Services and for eleven years at Nokia Research Centre working with Semantic Web, UML, formal methods and hardware-software co-design. He has also worked at Helsinki University of Technology and Aalto University teaching formal methods and modelling with UML. He holds over 40 patents in areas such as The Internet of Things, semantic technologies and privacy, as well as numerous papers in these areas. He is the author of the book: Privacy Engineering – A Data Flow and Ontological Approach

Matteo Merialdo is Director, Director, Security Services at Rhea Group. He is an experienced project manager and coordinator with many years of experience in system architecture and technical project management, with a focus on security-by-design and cyber-risk analysis. He has wide experience in managing large cyber-security collaborative projects, including FP7s and H2020s; European Space Agency GSTP, and Artes. He works as Project Implementation Coordinator for the H2020 ECHO project and as Technical Project Manager for the H2020 PANACEA project. He is also managing the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence project for the European Space Agency.

Paresh Rathod is a seasoned technocrat, cyber expert, educator and innovator. Currently, he is working as a thematic leader (Cyber RDI) and Senior Lecturer(ICT at Laurea). Paresh also serving as an international cyber expert for Laurea-Finland, co-chair of the European Cybersecurity Organisation working group-5 and European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) expert-rapporteur in AHWG (European Cybersecurity Skills Framework) and vice-president IITEDA (UK). His expertise adding values in the European innovation projects and development work including ECHO, CyberSecPro, ARCSAR, EU-HYBNET, AI-ARC, ECOLHE and many projects. His development work and projects are contributing towards the goals of the European cyber secure societies and European digital single market. Paresh has trained more than 10 thousand professionals and higher education students in the Finland alone. Paresh Rathod’s prime focus of the development includes integration of research, development and innovation oriented cyber secure solutions working with higher education, professionals, international societies and businesses.

Reijo Savola is currently working as a Project Manager, Cybersecurity and software production at University of Jyväskylä in Finland. He has experience in cybersecurity, software engineering, telecommunications, multi-technology engineering topics and in digital signal processing. Earlier, he has worked as Principal Scientist, Cybersecurity, at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In addition to research experience, he has seven years of industrial experience in telecommunications sector, having worked for Elektrobit Group Plc. in Oulu, Finland and in Redmond, WA, United States. Mr. Savola acts as the CEO of the NECC (North European Cybersecurity Cluster) and as Member of the Steering Group of FISC (Finnish Information Security Cluster).

Host speakers:

Harri Ruoslahti, ECHO Laurea Project Manager, Principal Lecturer, PhD, Harri teaches e.g., security and crisis management and business continuity at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, and is the school’s contact for projects ECHO, which develops a European Cybersecurity ecosystem, and INEGMA-E2, which develops the evaluations of European civil protection exercises.

Kirsi Kokko, started her career in ICT industry at Nokia, where she was holding management positions in product and business development for more than 15 years. Kirsi has been working at the Finnish innovation funding and internationalization service provider Business Finland since 2015 and she is now the Head of the five-year Digital Trust Finland program with the vision to create multi-billion business through development of safe and cybersecure solutions. One of the key goals of the program is to boost international, industry driven ecosystems and research innovations in cybersecurity, public safety and critical communications, and fintech, and foster built-in security in all solutions.

More information: