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Language Learning Living Lab to strengthen the working language learning of immigrants

The MANE project tests, studies and develops different approaches to learning the language needed in working life in the new Living Lab.

Illustration: Laura Tahvanainen

In the MANE project coordinated by Laurea, different approaches to learning the language needed in working life are tested, studied and developed in a new Living Lab. The project has been designed in response to the need to promote the rapid employment of immigrants, especially in sectors suffering from labour shortage.

Language Learning Living Lab offers new ways of language acquisition

Some immigrants have good language learning skills, while others need more support and more creative methods to get started with learning. In Laurea's new 4L Living Lab (Language Learning Living Lab), e.g. multisensory and tactile methods, the utilisation of virtual and augmented realities, language socialisation and multilingual and multi-channel communications are developed. The 4L Living Lab is being developed in the MANE (Multisensory Approach to a NEw language) project together with a network of research, development and innovation partners. 

In the project, the instruction of domain-specific and professional language is developed and enhanced together with partner companies. The learning contents, such as professional terminology, service situations and tasks requiring orientation, can also be studied independently and in real time while working at the workplace. The underlying idea of the project is that efficient learning of Finnish in a multisensory manner or with the help of new technologies motivates the acquisition of service-sector jobs and tasks and the learning of professional terminology, thus supporting long-term commitment to the employer.

Extensive network of developers involved

In addition to the language learners, parties involved in the employment and integration of foreign-language speakers, such as language learning professionals, language technology solution developers, employers, third-sector actors and professionals offering integration and employment services, are involved in the development work as extensively as possible. 

Our partners for the project include Haaga-Helia, Arffman Oy and Lingsoft Oy