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The 2021 Societal Impact and Interaction Report has been published

In a recent report, we look at Laurea’s social impact using case studies.

Our new Societal Impact and interaction report has been published. The report brings together examples of the ways in which we have generated social impact in 2021. Through the examples, we hope to inspire both our university community and our current and new partners to work actively with us.

We have been publishing a similar report since 2016. Our annual Social Impact and Interaction report is the sixth of its kind.

At Laurea, we believe that social impact comes from interaction and collaboration. We believe that learning and the responsible development of activities require the university to be open and have an active dialogue with the operating environment. Thus, through human-centered examples and case studies demonstrating practical operation, we are best able to demonstrate the depth and qualitative features of effectiveness.

Effectiveness arises from new ideas and perspectives developed in collaboration. In innovation, all parties are equal: students, partners and our staff.

The compilation is structured according to the themes of the Laurea 2030 strategy. Our students, staff and partners have a voice in the case descriptions.

Read the report here: Laurea's Social Impact & Interaction 2021 report (pdf).