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Didn’t finish your higher education studies? Laurea offers the opportunity to complete your degree flexibly

The study path is open for everyone who has completed 160 credits and then dropped out of their studies.

Laurea offers students who have not finished their university studies the opportunity to complete their degree in a new separate application process that is ongoing. The L160 application process is open to all students who have completed 160 credits at a Finnish higher education institution and then dropped out of their studies. Students will receive personal guidance to support completion of their studies.

- We here at Laurea want to actively promote the completion of unfinished university degrees, which can sometimes be a heavy burden for individuals. Completing an unfinished degree is also vital to society as a whole as there is a major shortage of qualified professionals in, for example, the social and health care sector, explains University President Jouni Koski.

Tutor teacher provides support

The aim of the new separate application process is to make it easier for students to return to their studies. The application process is ongoing and you can start your studies all year round. After the application process, the student is assigned a tutor teacher, with whom a study plan is drawn up and who provides help in career planning.

- There may be students who experience shame or fear of returning to a higher education institution. At Laurea, we wanted to lower this threshold as much as possible. It’s truly wonderful if a student reaches a point in their life where they could finish their degree, says Pauliina Nurkka, Director of Guidance and Study Well-being.

You can complete your studies alongside your work

Any competence accumulated in working life after dropping out of university can be identified and recognised as part of the degree. Studies can also be completed alongside work and flexible methods have been developed for completing an unfinished thesis. Pauliina Nurkka believes that completing studies at the individual level is important to a person’s well-being and career development.

- Even though a person may already have accumulated a certain degree of competence in working life, a degree promotes career development opportunities.

Finish your degree at Laurea

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