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Laurea's corona instructions: Libraries to open on a limited basis in June

Only essential face-to-face instruction is being organised on Laurea’s campuses, such as compulsory workshops that are part of students’ studies and the national exams for nurses. Essential face-to-face instruction is instruction that cannot be delivered remotely.

(Updated 28.5.2021: libraries to open on a limited basis)

The teachers of each study unit will provide instructions to students on how teaching and studies will be carried out. The teachers agree on the possible arranging of summer studies in the small groups on campus beginning from 31 May 2021 with their own superior. The examinations will not be arranged on the campus in the summer semester (excluding the national exams for nurses). The present corona instructions are valid for the time being.

Where necessary, Laurea will update instructions in accordance with the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities to ensure the safety of students and staff and the continuity of operations.

Common instructions for maintaining safety

The two prerequisites for working on campus are responsible co-operation and compliance with instructions.

  • No one should enter a campus unless they are completely healthy. If someone experiences any symptoms, they must immediately get tested for the coronavirus in accordance with the instructions provided by their local health care providers. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or suspects exposure can fill out an assessment of their health status on the website.
  • Everyone must wear a mask while on campus. If a person is unable to use a face mask for health-related reasons, he or she will use a personal reusable protective visor. You can pick up a mask/visor from the lobby services. People may also use their own masks/visors.
  • Laurea provides students with masks that can be used for a day. These masks are surgical face masks, and they are to be used in teaching situations when it is possible to observe safety distances. The use of textile masks alone is not recommended. In workshops where it is not possible to observe the two-metre safety distance, students and teachers will use FFP2 masks. FFP2 masks can be used for a whole day and after use they can be washed at 60 degrees and then re-used.
  • Ensure good hand hygiene and coughing etiquette. Everyone must immediately wash and sanitize their hands when entering campus facilities, moving from a space or classroom to another, and otherwise as necessary.
  • Everyone should ensure that  they maintain a distance of 2 metres or more to others.
  • In addition to enhanced cleaning, disinfection wipes are available for wiping down shared surfaces
  • We recommend that everyone download the Koronavilkku app to their phone
  • Students can book campus facilities in the reservation system for their own work or for working in small groups while complying with the safety guidelines. If the space is reserved for working in a small group, the names of all participants must be recorded when reserving the space. This will speed up the tracing of potential exposure chains.

Read more about protecting yourself against coronavirus on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website

The guidelines issued by authorities concerning restrictions on gatherings of more than 6 people will apply to events and the organisation of higher education studies. No public events or private events will be organised at Laurea during spring 2021.

Services on the campuses

Laurea libraries will open on Tuesday, June 1, limiting the number of customer on premises. Please do take into account libraries’ exceptions to service hours in the summer time, as well as exceptions during the national entrance exam week. Attendance on library premises must not exceed 50 % of the normal numbers and social distancing of 2 metres minimum must be adhered to. Hand hygiene and facial masks are compulsory on library campuses.

The Student Affairs Office and ServiceDesk will be working mainly online and, if necessary, by appointment on campus from 12 April to 30 July 2021. Students and staff shall maintain safety distances and good hand hygiene when visiting the campuses.

Restaurant services are open beginning from 19 April. The restaurant services of the campus of Otaniemi and Hyvinkää will be closed until the autumn.

Travel abroad by students

All student exchanges will be normally arranged in the autumn semester if the prevailing situation allows it.  Laurea's international services will be in contact with all students who have planned to start an exchange period in autumn or later.

All students are encouraged to observe the risks related to private travel abroad. This may require a 14-day quarantine set by the authorities (or alternatively getting tested for the coronavirus twice) in accordance with THL guidelines, during which time the student may not enter the campuses. If students have any questions related to travel, they may contact