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Amina Mohamed is Laurea's Alumni of the Year 2021

The title of Alumni of the Year goes to Master of Social Services, entrepreneur Amina Mohamed.

The Laurea Alumni of the Year has been awarded since 2008. The title is awarded to Laurea graduates who have highlighted their education and background as Laurea students in a positive manner. The selection criteria also emphasise an approach that develops the working life or the work community in a positive manner.

The title of Alumni of the Year 2021 was awarded to entrepreneur Amina Mohamed. Laurea double alumni Amina graduated as a Bachelor of Social Services in 2012, and completed a Master of Social Services in 2019.

Amina ended up studying social services through volunteering. After graduating, she has worked in various areas of the social services sector, including early childhood education and care, reception centres, adult social work, the third sector, education and child welfare. Master's studies encouraged entrepreneurship, and Amina currently works as an entrepreneur in her welfare and social service company. Her company QJ-Diasporassa produces various kinds of outpatient social services and educational services.

In the criteria for her selection as Alumni of the Year, Amina is described as the builder of bridges between communities and thank her for encouraging young people to participate. Amina held lectures for other students already during her studies and encourages students to challenge themselves and their own thinking. Her cooperation with Laurea has continued after her studies, and Amina has visited different study units as a lecturer. The cooperation has given Amina the ability to train and encounter students and to support future social service sector professionals.

-    I am grateful, overwhelmed and very pleased at being selected as Alumni of the Year. I think back on my time as a student Laurea with great affection. Our study group was close-knit and encouraging, which helped and supported my studies.

-    For myself, being a member of the Laurea community, first and foremost, means a sense of community spirit that I have experienced both during her studies and after graduation.

Alumni of the Year 2021 - Amina Mohamed