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CoCo Tool Kit

CoCo Tool Kit - CoCo Cosmos 2.0 is a Service Design Tool for Co-Creation and Innovation within organizations, public sector and individuals. It is a visually powerful tool for adapting co-creation into organisations activities.

Welcome to the wonderful, exciting and challenging world of Co-Creation!

We think that in today’s world one of the big challenges is complexity and rapid changes that force us to do very quick decisions. More over this is challenging because we people tend to see things from quite limited perspective- from our own perspective which is natural. It is hard to think out of the box and in an innovative way.

So we have developed a very concrete easy-to-use tool kit to tackle these challenges and although it was first developed for the business-to-business companies we have already learned that it fits for various different contexts such as social, political, private, profit or non-profit, public, small or large. In fact we have already sold over 30 psc of this tool kit in a short period of time to universities, consultants, associations, municipalities.

CoCo Tool Kit was developed within an extensive research project funded by Tekes which is a national funding agency in Finland. The development was implemented in co-creative way with business people, consultants, groups of business students, researchers and one of the very important collaborator was the university of Cambridge.

CoCo Tool Kit contains five tools out of which four first ones are developed to analyze and to communicate the current state of mind and even more to understand the co-creation phenomenon. The fifth tool CoCo Cosmos is a visually powerful design tool to develop and to communicate a shared view of complex situations and to discover new innovation possibilities.

As this tool kit has already empowered hundreds of people we would also like to invite you the wonderful world of co-creation to accelerate the growth in product and service innovation.

European Union Women Innovators and Inventors competition winning pitch by Principal Lecturer, PhD Katri Ojasalo and Project Manager, Doctoral Researcher Krista Keränen

Communication tool CoCo Cosmos

CoCo Cosmos is a communication tool. It uses cards as a visual method of blueprinting a service setting. It is mainly designed for company-customer activities in service business but it can be used in different settings. Quite often a service provider and its customer see the service setting through different lenses, leading to dissatisfaction in their relationship. In a business relationship there might be latent needs that are not acknowledged. Furthermore it can be quite complicated to understand what exactly customers value and how value should be created. There might also be hidden enablers and barriers in the business relationship. The CoCo Cosmos enables a company to spot these challenges and redesign the service setting together with a customer. As a result this tool will find answers to the following questions both: a) from the stakeholder point of view, such as that of the customers, and b) from the service provider point of view.

Playing CoCo Cosmos.


How to order

Price: 495€ + 24% VAT & Shipping costs

Delivery: 6 weeks by mail

Method of payment: Credit card

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CoCo Tool Kit - CoCo Cosmos 2.0 contains following parts:

  • CoCo Cosmos game board
  • Over 200 cards:
    • Turquoise, Green and Light blue cards stands for the stakeholder cards. One color stands for the customer, one for the service supplier and one for the other actors and stakeholders
    • Pink cards Results & aimed outcomes
    • Black cards Physical and virtual places where actions happen
    • Beige cards Action & behavior
  • 3 black white board markers
  • 1 red white board marker
  • 1 green white board marker
  • 1 cleaning cloth



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