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Student entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of Laurea’s key focal areas. For this reason, each student, regardless of their background or study programme, will be exposed to entrepreneurship studies. Although starting a business may not be a current issue during studies, entrepreneurial skills will be irreplaceable in the work life of the future.

Entrepreneurship at Laurea

Research studies have predicted that, in the latter half of the 2030s, as many as 60 per cent of Finns will be entrepreneurs or freelancers and only 40 per cent paid employees.

For this reason, it pays to start learning the necessary skills and gaining an understanding of entrepreneurship today.

Laurea offers entrepreneur services to all its Bachelor’s and Master’s students as well as all those interested in entrepreneurship via the courses in the Open University of Applied Sciences.

Promoting entrepreneurship

During the activation phase, we will organise various networking events together with the Laurea Entrepreneurship Society (LaureaES). In these events, you get to meet others interested in becoming entrepreneurs as well as present your own business ideas, receive feedback and get new ideas. Check the calendar for future events.

The international Cambridge VentureCamp entrepreneur camp has played a significant role in promoting student entrepreneurship at Laurea for several years.  Hundreds of students from various higher education institutions have participated in the camps, and the camps have resulted in the emergence of tens of new student-run businesses.

Large-scale project activities also offer many opportunities for students to refine their own business ideas and to better incorporate these ideas in their studies. Check the calendar for the currently ongoing entrepreneurship projects and the opportunities they offer.

Basic entrepreneurial studies

There can be no business activities without client invoicing. This is one of the key facts that all aspiring entrepreneurs must understand. For this reason, entrepreneurial teaching at Laurea focuses on practical sales activities and digital customer acquisition. For this purpose, we have built an electronic webstore platform that students can easily use to test the market appeal of their products, earning money during their studies. 

If a student doesn't have their own product idea, they can study entrepreneurship by promoting other students’ products or services. This is in fact the fastest and most cost-efficient route to the market, and for that reason, a highly usable action model for entrepreneurial studies. Few of us remember this, but it is from this perspective that the entire idea of entrepreneurship came to be in the early 18th century. 

Further entrepreneurial studies

Laurea campuses feature various learning environments that provide support, guidance and advice for starting entrepreneurs. The majority of these further entrepreneurial studies are completed through various projects. Business ideas may also be refined in the form of internships or theses. With further entrepreneurial studies, it is important that students understand the many opportunities offered by entrepreneurship and choose the path best suited for them.

Startup entrepreneurship

Startup entrepreneurship aims at commercialising students’ own, innovative business ideas. Teaching focuses on Lean Startup methods and fast customer trials, through which commercial potential can be tested in genuine customer contact. Based on these experiences, students can make the decision on their next move.

Sales agent entrepreneurship

Sales agent entrepreneurship is aimed at students who very much want to become entrepreneurs but do not have a specific idea or area of expertise to commercialise. Teaching focuses in the selection of interesting products to promote, agreement on sales terms and actual sales work. 

Service entrepreneurship

Service entrepreneurship studies are aimed at students who want to commercialise their competence. Teaching focuses in the commodification of students’ competence and on offering it to potential customers.

Change of ownership entrepreneurship

Change of ownership entrepreneurship focuses on ensuring continuous, successful business operations. Teaching focuses on the issues related to changes in ownership, the basics of value definition for small and medium size businesses and the various approaches to selling a business. This action model is best suited for 1) students wishing to take over a family business, or for 2) students seeking a faster route into operating a business.

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