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Basic information

  • Application period: 09.06.2021-01.09.2021
  • Date: 15.09.2021-03.11.2021
  • Scope: 5 ECTS
  • Location: Laurea Tikkurila
  • Price: 75 €


This course is an interactive online course that takes place in Canvas learning platform and Zoom.

Autumn 2021 theme is nature-related wellness at work.

Virtual lesson schedule

15.09.2021 12.30–15.45

22.09.2021 12.30–15.45

06.10.2021 12.30–15.45

13.10.2021 12.30–15.45

27.10.2021 12.30–15.45

03.11.2021 12.30–15.45


The student is able to

  • broadly perceive different local and global factors that promote wellness at work in different fields
  • identify different local and global programs, plans and good practices for wellness at work
  • recognize and practice different ways and methods (such as multisensory methods, art, relaxation, NLP and other cognitive methods, narrativity, solution-oriented and supervisory methods etc.) of reducing work-related stress factors and health and wellness risks, both in their own student lives and future working lives
  • identify and acknowledge the best practices from employee to manager to impact wellness at work

Teaching methods

The course environment is Canvas, with Zoom and Padlet.

Student workload

1 ECTS equals approximately 26.7 hours of work performed by the student.

5 ECTS = 135 hours of work.

Further information

Students must be present in the first contact session or notify their teacher in charge if they cannot attend. If they fail to notify the teacher of their absence in the first contact session, their enrolment will be rejected. 

Learning material

The course materials are provided during the course in Canvas.


The course is evaluated in a scale 1 - 5 /fail.

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