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Basic information

  • Application period: 09.06.2021-29.08.2021
  • Date: 01.08.2021-31.12.2021
  • Scope: 5 ECTS
  • Location: Laurea Leppävaara
  • Price: 75 €


This course has contact sessions in Leppävaara campus and also Canvas digital learning platform is in use.

The exam dates are offered during the contact sessions.

  • Project management exam
  • Office exam
  • See Canvas for more details

Contact session schedule

10.09.2021 12.30–15.00

14.10.2021 12.30–15.00

15.10.2021 12.30–15.00

26.11.2021 15.15–17.45


The student is able to

  • plan, implement and evaluate a practical project in multidisciplinary cooperation
  • work in an appropriate way in multicultural organisations and networks
  • acquire and use information to support development, and use ICT tools
  • communicate appropriately and in a goal-oriented way in the communication and documenting situations required by the project

Teaching methods

During the course students will familiarise themselves with the basic principles of project management and receive guidance on communication requirements and tools for carrying out academic and project-related work.

The course contains work on the following topic areas:

  • Research and development in academic projects
  • Project planning, scheduling and risk management
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • ICT tools for project management and documentation
  • Preparing project-related communications (project plan, project report and presentation)
  • Academic writing (referencing, style and tone, structure and organisation)

Student workload

5 ECTS = approx. 135 hours of work.

A combination of contact lessons and independent study.

Further information

The project management part of the course is linked to work done on another course.

Learning material

Learning materials are provided in Canvas.

Also the following works will be consulted:

  • Bailey, S. 2011. Academic writing: a handbook for international students. 3rd edition. London: Routledge.
  • Dawson, C. 2009. Projects in computing and information systems. 2nd edition. Harlow: Addison-Wesley.
  • Lock, D. 2013. Naked Project Management: the bare facts. Gower.
  • Ojasalo, K., Moilanen, T. & Ritalahti, J. 2009. Research-oriented approach. Partially translated from: Kehittämistyön menetelmät – Uudenlaista osaamista liiketoimintaan. Helsinki: WSOY.


The course will be evaluated on a scale 1 -5 / fail. More specific criteria are given in the workspace of the course.

More information: