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In order to sign up for this master's level course, you must have a previous Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree.


  • Kohderyhmä: In order to study in this course, you must have a Bachelor's degree
  • Hakuaika: December 9th to February 1st
  • Ajoitus: March 1st to May 3rd 2021
  • Laajuus: 5 credits
  • Sijainti: Online
  • Hinta: 75€

Course content

This course is built around students' interests and will give you a overall view of the process and meaning of strategy in business including:

  • mission statement, vision
  • core competence
  • strategy process
  • strategy models (positioning tools)
  • generic strategies /identifying strategic options
  • orientations (innovation, production, customer)
  • schools of thought
  • culture and strategy
  • implementing strategy

Students will be asked to conduct a literature search on strategy and to pick 10 articles and review one article to share with others. From the combined pool of articles we will choose 10, which students will read and discuss in the weekly meetings. Students will also need to complete a team task in which they design a strategy for the company they choose. Attendance in class will affect the final grade.

Course schedule

March 1st 4PM to 5PM Virtual meeting on Zoom.

March 8th 4PM to 5PM Virtual meeting on Zoom.

March 15th 4PM to 5PM Virtual meeting on Zoom.

March 22nd 4PM to 5PM Virtual meeting on Zoom.

March 29th 4PM to 5PM Virtual meeting on Zoom.

May 3rd Final presentations

(timetable tentative)

Course literature

Text books as background material

Available online:

Lynn Richard, Corporate Strategy, fourth edition FT Prentice Hall, 2005

Available in print:

Johnson, Whittington, Scholes Exploring Corporate Strategy. ninth edition 2011 FT Prentice Hall