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Promotion of Food International Trade through cross-border collaboration

Promotion of Food International Trade through cross-border collaboration (ProFIT) project aims to increase the target groups know-how on food international trade and learn internationalisation in cross-border collaboration, as well as increase the capabilities of SMEs key persons in foreign market entries and development of food international trade.

  • Toteutusaika:1.10.2008 - 30.6.2010
  • Rahoittaja:Interreg IVA (Central Baltic)
  • Tutkimusalue:
  • Projektityyppi:Kansainvälinen T&K&I / International R&D&I

Food and Drink (F&D) industry is one of the backbones of the EU economy. Finnish F&D profits from cutting edge R&D on food and nutrition and produces a large scale of health foods with important export potential as product from Nordic area. The Estonian companies are economically highly dynamic and have potential to quality raw material. Cross-border collaboration may optimise F&D strength and create economical development in the area. But 99% of the EU F&D companies are of small and medium category (SME) that need help to identify markets, consumer needs and desires, develop products or solve food international logistics.

Pro-FIT is a unique cross-border joint development project prepared by Finnish and Estonian experts. The need for Pro-FIT is clearly expressed by experts and authorities (e.g. Suomalaisen ruoan edistämisohjelma 30.6.08;  Elintarvikepäivät 05/2008; FITIM-project press conference 01/2008).
Pro-FIT has Finnish - Estonian joint implementation, financing and staffing. Through cross-border collaboration Pro-FIT  develops a joint solution to help SMEs gain foreign market entries and develop food international trade under the joint marketing label of Nordic food. Thus Pro-FIT enhances economical development and competitiveness in Southern Finland and Estonia, and co-operation and partnership of relevant Finnish and Estonian experts, universities research and development centres optimises strength and creates a sound basis necessary training, for transmission of information, support and technical assistance to F&D SMEs and develops F&D cluster cross-border collaboration.