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EXPAT- Innovative Services for Internationals - easier access to the CBSR

The aim is to make the Central Sea Baltic Region a more attractive destination for talented internationals.

  • Toteutusaika:1.1.2012 - 30.6.2014
  • Rahoittaja:Interreg IVA (Central Baltic)
  • Tutkimusalue:
  • Projektityyppi:International RDI

The project seeks to facilitate the improvement of services and networks available to the international talents and their families before their departure from their home country, upon their arrival in the region and during their stay. This means, for example: Ensuring the visibility and accessibility of accurate information on the region and immigration procedures already in the country of origin. Better coordination among the public service providers for all the necessary registration, permits and practical information for newcomers. And physical and digital spaces for professional and social networking with both locals and other internationals.