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EUCISE2020 - European test bed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment in the 2020 perspective

European test bed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment in the 2020 perspective -hankkeen kokonaisvaltaisena tavoitteena on kehittää eurooppalaista meriturvallisuutta ja rakentaa operatiivista näkemystä tilannekuvaympäristön muodostamiseen, ylläpitoon ja kehittämiseen.

  • Toteutusaika:1.12.2014 - 31.3.2019
  • Rahoittaja:EU FP7
  • Tutkimusalue:Yhtenäinen turvallisuus
  • Projektityyppi:International RDI

EUCISE2020 - European test bed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment in the 2020 perspective (Combination of Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support Action: Pre-Operational Validation (POV), funded by European Commission FP7 framework programme)

EUCISE2020 is a Security Research project of the European Seventh Framework Program; it aims at achieving the pre-operational Information Sharing between the maritime authorities of the European States. EUCISE2020 is an important milestone in the roadmap for implementation of the European CISE - Common Information Sharing Environment. CISE supports the development of the Blue Economy of the European Union, is a key innovation of the European maritime governance, is an element of the European Digital Agenda, and, finally, is a pillar of the European Action Plan for the European Maritime Security Strategy.

The European Union is strongly committed at implementing the Integrated Maritime Policy which supports improved efficiency of the Maritime Situational Awareness by the competent authorities, through networking and interoperability of maritime surveillance systems in Europe (ref. COM (2009) 538, and COM (2010) 584 relating to the implementation of a Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE)). EU CISE 2020 aims to be a significant step forward along the accomplishment of the European roadmap for CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment); the project attains the widest possible experimental environment of innovative and collaborative processes between European maritime institutions. EU CISE 2020 takes as reference a broad spectrum of factors in the field of European Integrated Maritime Surveillance, arising from the European legal framework, as well as from studies, pilot and R&D projects accomplished in the last three years.

The overall objective of EUCISE2020 is to progress towards establishing a forward operating vision of CISE more stable and innovative, functionally and geographically larger, and more shared by different communities of European public and private stakeholders; CISE will support further cross-border and cross-sector operational cooperation between public authorities -including EU Agencies- in the execution of the defined maritime functionalities, with a focus on information sharing across sea-basins.

The EU CISE2020 Consortium includes: 39 full partners organisations from 14 European Member States or EEA States (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, UK), including operational stakeholders, R&D institutions and technical bodies involved in all EU relevant maritime basins and in all CISE sectorial communities. 25 associated / observer partners organisation including international organisations and maritime authorities from other European MS.