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Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual learning is suitable for those who like independent work, digital learning environments and using the web as a medium for interaction. A precondition for completing online studies successfully is skill in planning your own work and time management.

Virtual learning environments will be used in different ways during your studies. Course implementation plans indicate whether a course is fully implemented online and whether it also contains face-to-face instruction.

Laurea's computer rooms are at the students' disposal, but we recommend that you purchase a computer and a headset of your own. All Laurea's facilities offer WiFi connectivity, which enables the flexible use of the students' personal computers and tablets as part of the studies. To use Laurea's intranet service (Laurea LINK) and the Optima learning environment from your home, you will need an Internet connection.

Laurea has a development unit for virtual education called DigiTeam, which develops, produces, coordinates, tests and updates various products and learning solutions associated with virtual learning to meet Laurea's standards. The production is planned in cooperation with education unit personnel in working groups with varying compositions that draw on the expertise of the units' staff. We will also be happy to receive new ideas, so please send your suggestions to digiteam(at)

Instructions for FUAS students and Open UAS students

On these pages both students of Open University of Applied Sciences and students of HAMK and Lahti UAS can find instructions how to use Laurea learning systems. Teachers will give you more information about the studies when they are starting. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an internet based web conferencing solution for online meetings, eLearning and webinars. If there are online  meetings in your courses, the teacher will give you more detailed information.

Adobe Connect meeting address always starts as: where xxxx is replaced by the teacher.

Log in as a guest = use your full name.

You can join the Adobe Connect meeting with a computer or a mobile device (Adobe Connect Mobile application). Always use a headset (microphone+headphones) or a table microphone – an integrated laptop microphone will cause audio problems and echoing. 

Adobe Connect tutorial videos:

Connection test ePortfolio

All FUAS universities of applied sciences use for e-portfolios and for working together without the boundaries of schools. Every student follows the instructions of their own UAS for logging in.

The address is

Open UAS students register into ePortfolio via Optima, after that they can also use the main address service can be used also after the graduation.

Workshop material


Laurea´s online learning environment is Optima. Optima's address is . You will also find the address from "Quick links" on Laurea Web pages.  Fuas students (HAMK and Lahti UAS) must log in with HAKA and use the same account and password that they use in their own UAS. If you log in with your mobile device, you can use Mobile Optima or choose the full version of the service.​

Open UAS students log into Optima with Laurea user account and password.
Optima instructions ​

Before graduating - save material you want to keep

The day your Open UAS studies in Laurea will end, your ID will be deactivated and removed. Before the ID is removed it is good to save the data you have gathered during your studies before all of it is removed from the system along with your ID. If you continue your studies in a degree program, you still have to save your files because your ID will change to another.  

You may save your files on your own personal computer, on an USB-flashdrive, on a portable hard-drive or into a cloud service such as Google Drive and OneDrive.






Business Administration online students completed their first semester<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Verkkotradenomien%20kuulumiset%20Laurea%20verkko-opinnot%20tradenomi%20korjattu.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Business Administration online students completed their first semester