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​​​​​​​​​Tuition fees and grants for non-EU/EEA area degree students

This page has been specifically  designed for students who are liable to pay fees in accordance with the new legislation which came into effect on the 1st of January 2016.  Non-EU/EEA area students who have been selected through the Finnish joint application for admission to degree programmes taught in English starting from 1.8.2017 onwards will be charged tuition fees.

According to Section 13a of the Polytechnics Act, universities of applied sciences are to charge a yearly tuition fee from non EU/EEA  students admitted to programmes leading to a bachelor's or master's degree in a language other than Finnish or Swedish.
The university itself may decide on the size of this fee and the arrangements for its collection. The same Act also states that the university of applied sciences is to have a grant system in place for supporting students participating in fee-charging degree programmes.  
The goal is to both advance the Higher Education Institutions’ opportunities for education export and also expand their funding base. The introduction of tuition fees puts greater emphasis on educational quality as a competitive factor.

However, the law regarding the payment of tuition fees has also some special exceptions in it, as not all non EU/EEA students are liable to fees. Therefore, prospective students intending to study in the degree programmes offered in English are advised to check their status below under "Exemptions and remission of tuition fees".         

We reserve the right to make changes.

Tuition fees for non EU/EEA students

Laurea offers eight degree programmes taught in English, six of those programmes are at bachelor level and the remaining two are master’s degrees.  From 1.8.2017 onwards, non EU/EEA students selected for admission for degree programmes taught in English through the joint national application will be liable to the following fees below.

​Bachelor's Degree Programme

​Tuition Fees

​Business Information Technology​EUR 8000 / academic year
​Business Management​EUR 8000 / academic year
​Nursing​EUR 8000 / academic year
​Restaurant Entrepreneurship​EUR 8000 / academic year
​Security Management​EUR 8000 / academic year
​Social Services​EUR 8000 / academic year


Master's Degree Programme

​Tuition Fees

​Global Development and Management in HealthCare  ​​EUR  10000 / academic year
​​Service Innovation and Design​​EUR  10000 / academic year

Non EU/EEA citizens intending to study in the degree programmes offered in English are advised to check their status below under "passport/residence permit for remission of tuition fee" to see if they qualify for exemption from fees. In the aforementioned section, a list of conditions for exemption has been compiled for you as well as reliable links where factual information can be gathered before applying for a tuition fee waiver.

For more information on EU/EEA countries, please see the list compiled by the Finnish Immigration Service !   

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Exemptions and remission of tuition fees

Laurea University of Applied Sciences tuition fees are due in advance.   Therefore, it is highly recommended for a non-EU/EEA degree student who will start his/her studies in an English-taught Bachelor's or Master's degree programme in August 2017 or after, to send a copy of the document which he/she will use as basis for exemption from fees to the Admission Services of his/her first choice institution of higher education by  the 8th of February 2017 before 3pm.  The valid document proving exemption from tuition fees for the academic year must be presented before enrolling for each academic year during studies.

Conditions for exemption

The fees will not concern those non-EU/EEA students who have started their studies before 1.8.2017 and study in degree programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish. Furthermore, non EU/EEA citizens are exempted from paying tuition fees if they are in possession of any of the following documents mentioned below: 

•    Passport or a valid national identity card to indicate the citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland 

•    EU Blue Card residence permit in Finland

•    Continuous residence permit in Finland, A-type permit

•    Permanent residence permit in Finland, P-type permit

•    EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence in Finland (type P-EU)

•    Residence card in Finland for non-EU family members of EU citizens. Family membership is defined as stipulated in the Aliens Act.

For more information concerning residence permit types & tuition fees please see: Tuition fees and contents of a residence permit card

In order to smoothen the process for receiving the waiver and for administrative purposes, a checklist for the tuition fee waiver has been compiled for you below.    

Checklist for tuition fee waiver application:

1. Check criteria for exemption above or visit  for more elaborate information here: Am I required to pay tuition fees?

2. **Submit a copy of your residence permit card to the admission services no later than 8th February, 2017 3pm

**A field in the online application has been included for applicants concerning the tuition fee waiver declaration. The aforementioned section of the application is not a mandatory requirement but it is highly recommended for non EU/EEA applicants applying for higher education in Finland. Applicants affected by fees can decide on their own accord to fill in information that they would like to be considered for exemption from paying fees in accordance with the guidelines given for exemption in the polytechnic act, if they fit the criteria. 

Kindly note that the same information can also be submitted to the admission services anytime during the application period no later than the 14th of July 2017, 3pm or whenever applicable. I​​​n the event that one receives an unwarranted tuition fee invoice when admitted, the applicant can still submit the required attachments to apply for a tuition fee waiver. This ​should be done as soon as the notification of admission has been received possibly latest before confirming the study place. Admission is conditional until the admission services has checked all relevant documents as well as valid identification (passport).

We reserve the right to make changes.

Payment terms, Student agreement & Default

Applicants who are required to pay the tuition fee will receive an invoice for the first year tuition fee together with the notification of admission. A student is expected to pay tuition fees before beginning each academic year when accepting the study place and enrolling as present for the academic year.

Applicants who have received the invoice with the notification of admission must pay the fee by the given deadline (14th July or later when applicable) together with the study place confirmation. The admission of a student is conditional until he/she has paid the first year tuition fee, confirmed his/her study place, enrolled for the academic year,  signed the Student Agreement and also until Laurea has received the receipt of the tuition fee and checked the applicant’s original upper secondary school certificates.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences will withdraw admission, if the applicant does not provide the above mentioned school and other relevant documents applicable by the given deadline.

More information concerning the student agreement, payment terms and default will be updated on the university's website when available. ​   

​We reserve the right to make changes.

Methods of Payment

The methods of payment available to you will be stated on the invoice received upon admission.  However, due to time constraints between the application period and the publication of results (final notification of admission), the University has made the following options available to help you settle your fees quickly and efficiently.   

You can pay your fees using any of these methods:      

Bank Details for Direct Bank Transfer: To be announced!

Kindly note:- The payment of tuition fees coincides with the confirmation of the study place. Admitted students are, therefore, advised to keep in mind the deadline given for confirming the study place. The nominal deadline for confirming the study place as well as effecting payment is the 14th of July 2017 or later when applicable (for example when accepted from the waiting list). The tuition fees must be paid in full for the whole academic year and proof of payment (a receipt of the payment) must be submitted to the admissions office together with the study place confirmation form. 

We reserve the right to make changes!

Available Grants and Conditions 2017

Grants are intended for students paying yearly tuition fee in accordance with the grant fund regulations. The grants are provided to students applying for them provided that the student has completed at least 60 credits of studies that count towards their degree programme in the previous academic year ending on 31st July. ​The size of any grant is to be at most equivalent to 1​0% of the yearly tuition fee​. Please see full text on the grant conditions below.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences yearly tuition fee and grant practices 1st August 2017

Section 1. Yearly tuition fee and studies 

i. Tuition fees have been set in line with the Board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences's decision of 10th June 2016.

ii. During the application period, the applicant required to pay tuition fees encloses with their application the required documents and any document releasing them from the tuition fee (residence permit).

iii. Together with the offer of a study place, the accepted applicant is sent a study place acceptance form and a bill for the yearly tuition fee. The yearly tuition fee is paid when the offer is accepted, and the payment must be made by the deadline for accepting the study place. 

The accepted applicant returns the study place acceptance form and attaches a receipt of the fee payment.

iv. If the applicant's status changes during the application process — but before acceptance of the study place — such that he or she is no longer required to pay the fee, the applicant must make notification of this and provide documentary evidence (residence permit) without delay. The notification must be made no later than the point when the study place is accepted. 

v. When accepting the study place, the student signs an agreement  with Laurea University of Applied Sciences which lays out responsibilities and obligations.

vi. If the fee-paying student does not receive a visa to study in Finland, the paid tuition fee is reimbursed. 

vii. In the subsequent years of study, the student pays the yearly tuition fee before the year's studies begin when registering as present for the coming year. The deadline for this is 31st July.

viii. If the applicant's status changes such that he or she is no longer required to pay the fee, the applicant is to make notification of this change of status, submitting an account of the matter with any necessary enclosed documents (residence permit) to the Student Affairs Office before payment of the yearly tuition fee. Loss of one's residence permit partway through one's studies does not result in reimbursement of the yearly tuition fee.

ix. When studies are nearing completion, if the student has less than 30 credits remaining, a 50% yearly tuition fee can be charged instead. If in the above case the student does not graduate during the intended semester, a fee is charged for each semester during which the study entitlement is in effect.  

x. A student registering as absent for statutory reasons may request the reimbursement of the yearly tuition fee for the period when he or she will not be able to study during the academic year in question. Applications are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Section 2. Criteria for approval of grants

i. Grants are intended for students paying yearly tuition fee in accordance with section 4 (see below) of the grant fund regulations. 

ii. The grants are provided to students applying for them provided that the student has completed at least 60 credits of studies that count towards their degree programme in the previous academic year ending on 31st July.  
iii.        It is possible to offer a student a 100% study grant where no payment of fees is required provided that the student :

                                                 1) fulfils the conditions of section 4 and;
                                                 2) studies at Laurea University of Applied Sciences  (UAS) and; 
                                                 3) is studying a Double Degree Programme and will obtain their degree from Laurea UAS

Section 3. Size of grants 

i. The size of any grant is to be at most equivalent to 10% of the yearly tuition fee

Section 4. Application, processing and approval of grants

i. Grant applications are made using the form provided by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and are sent to the CEO. The Student Affairs Office provides any needed advice on application procedures. 

ii. For each academic year the student may make one grant request, which must be submitted by 15th October. 

iii. The grant is paid by 31st October to the bank account given by the applicant. 

iv. Graduated students may apply within one month of graduating for a grant for the tuition fee from the previous year or academic year. Such grants for graduated students are paid no later than two weeks after the decision on the grant application is made.

We reserve the right to make changes.



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