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Internationality in Studies

In today's working environment professional expertise has to include international knowledge and an understanding of different cultures. Internationalisation is an essential part of the competence of any professional regardless of whether one is working in Finland or abroad. Laurea's aim is that the student will acquire skills that are competitive both in Finland and overseas while studying at Laurea.

Student exchange at Laurea's partner institution

During studying at Laurea it is well worth applying to study or train abroad. International experience teaches problem solving skills, develops language, cooperation and professional skills and improves understanding of cultures.

Laurea has a network of almost 250 cooperation organisations around the world. You can browse through Laurea's international partners in the SoleMOVE system.

About 350 Laurea students go on exchange every year. Laurea also receives about 270 international exchange students from abroad annually.

The schedule and duration of each student exchange and work placement depends on the degree course. It is well worth to start planning for a student exchange already at the beginning of the studies. Generally students can go on an exchange after the first year of study. Laurea has cooperation agreements within Erasmus and Nordplus programmes as well as bilateral agreements e.g. to America, Asia and Australia. Students can also find their own exchange place, this is called a free mover exchange. Generally exchanges last from three to 12 months. It is possible to get a grant for an exchange abroad, the amount of the grant depends on the exchange programme and destination. 

Double Degree Programme

Double Degree means that a student will graduate from both Laurea and from a partner institution, provided that the student fulfils the requirements for graduation at the home institution as well as the additional requirements of the host institution. There is always a compulsory exchange semester or semesters included in the double degree.

At Laurea you can take part in a Double Degree on two fields of study.


  • Transatlantic Dual Degree in Nursing with Nazareth College, USA (more information from

Business Management:

  • Double Degree in Business Management with Steyr School of Management, Austria (more information from

  • Double Degree in Business Management with France Business School, Brest, France (more information from

International elements can be included in all studies at Laurea

International elements can be included in all studies at Laurea; language and communication studies, studies related to a chosen profession, work placements and theses. Each student has Laurea's internationalising study offer at his or her disposal. Degree programmes conducted in English and study units in foreign languages make internationalisation a natural part of activities at Laurea. Professional studies of each degree programme include study units related to internationalisation. In some of Laurea's study programmes it is also possible to complete a double degree with one of our cooperation institutions abroad.

Professional growth of students is also supported by international work assignments and other international Learning by Developing projects. Laurea's wide-ranging language programme makes it possible to also study unusual languages and cultures. International theme days, events, projects and visits by experts are part of the day-to-day operation of Laurea.

Diploma Supplement Label

Laurea issuesDiploma Supplements and transcipt of records in English to all its graduates automatically and free of charge along with their degree certificates.

Laurea has been awarded the European Commission’s Diploma Supplement Label for 2013-2016. The DS Label recognizes the quality of the Diploma Supplements issued to all graduates.

The documents provide an internationally recognized and transparent description of a student’s studies. Diploma Supplements also enable employers and higher education institutions to gain a full understanding and appreciation of a student’s academic achievements. The Diploma Supplement Label awarded is a mark of quality that confirms that the Laurea’s document fully meets the requirements of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive of the European Union (EACEA).



Stories from Outgoing Students<img alt="Stories from returned students" src="/en/update/Studyingandapplyingimages/Image%20link%20images/Outgoing-student-stories.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Stories from Outgoing StudentsRead stories about exchange experience from returned students<a href="/en/services/international-services/mobility/outgoing-student-stories" title="Strories from returned exchange students"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">Stories from returned exchange students</a>
Contact persons<img alt="Contact Persons for exchange programme at Laurea University of Applied Sciences" src="/en/update/Studyingandapplyingimages/KV-kuvat/Contact-Persons-Laurea-International-Office.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Contact personsContact information for Laurea's International Services<a href="/en/services/international-services/contact-persons" title="Contact persons for international services"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">contact-persons</a>


Laurea was awarded with the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation on Feb. 27th 2015

Laurea's DS label





Bruce Oreck encouraged students to entrepreneurship in the BELT project<img alt="Bruce Oreck BELT project student entrepreneurship Laurea UAS " src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/BELT%20hanke%20bootcamp%20yrittäjyys%20Bruce%20Oreck%20Laurea.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Bruce Oreck encouraged students to entrepreneurship in the BELT project
Social Services student Taisekwa: ”Working in projects opens up new possibilities”<img alt="degree student story social services Laurea UAS Taisekwa" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Degree%20student%20story%20social%20services%20Laurea%20UAS%20Taisekwa.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Social Services student Taisekwa: ”Working in projects opens up new possibilities”
Restaurant Entrepreneurship student Lam: ”In Finland, a teacher is more like a coach”,-a-teacher-is-more-like-a-coach.aspx2017-01-17T22:00:00Z<img alt="Degree student story restaurant entrepreneurship Laurea UAS Leppävaara Lam Nguyen" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/Degree%20student%20story%20restaurant%20entrepreneurship%20Laurea%20UAS%20Nguyen%20Lam.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Restaurant Entrepreneurship student Lam: ”In Finland, a teacher is more like a coach”




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