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Why Laurea as a place of study

Laurea is a networked, multidisciplinary and international promoter of students’ professional growth. Did you know that Laurea is at the forefront of its field, having been appointed 5 times as a Centre of Excellence by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council? 

Laurea is centrally located in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area and thus within excellent traffic connections. The area produces approximately 50% of Finland’s gross domestic product and is a vivid hub of various types of businesses.

Learning Method

The learning method used at Laurea ‘Learning by Developing’   is based on teamwork of students, teachers and workplace experts. The method offers you a different way to learn by working in real projects together with other students and work life representatives. At Laurea you have a possibility to build your own career path in an international atmosphere.  Read more about the bilingual Laurea Network to Get Work event which is organised to give companies an opportunity to present their operations and to find motivated employees.


Interested in learning about becoming an entrepreneur? Read more about how Laurea Startup offers information, skills, inspiration, networks, and various channels for entrepreneurship. Read more about past and ongoing Laurea projects and take a look at the examples of Laurea LivingLab development environments. More than 150 start-ups have been established by Laurea student entrepreneurs.

International University of Applied Sciences

Did you know Laurea has a network of around 250 international cooperation partners around the world? The network includes higher education institutions, companies and other organisations. Every full-time degree students at Laurea has an options to participate for an exchange programme during their studies at Laurea.Read more about International Services at Laurea.

Studies have shown that Laurea is a working community that has been found to be safe. We hope that we set a good example as an institution of higher education with a focus on the right to a secure and pleasant study and working environment. Read more about Safety in  Laurea.

Laurea Service Promise :"We are here for you at Laurea"

The Laurea service promise "We are here for you at Laurea"  is a promise of good learning for our students, and for our cooperative partners a promise of partnership and developing together. By means of various guidance measures, we support your personal individual development and the progress of your studies. As teachers and tutors, we give you feedback on your development on a regular basis. The welfare of students is supported through meal subsidies and health care services as well as by the student counsellor, special education teacher and student welfare group. Read more about Services for students.


















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