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​​​​​How to Apply: Transfer Application ​

The next application period for transfer is on 1st November to 15th November 2017 and the degree programmes open for transfer will be published in . The studies will begin in January 2018.

A student studying in a University of Applied Sciences (UAS) can transfer his/her study entitlement to another UAS.  An applicant can apply for transfer to Laurea UAS after the first term of the academic year has been completed.

Laurea students who want to transfer their study entitlement to another Laurea degree programme (different degree title) must also apply using the transfer application form.

In November 2017 application period open for transfer are the following degree programmes: Bachelor's Degree Programmes in Business Management, Security Management and Business Information Technology. 

How to Find the Transfer Application Form (during application period):
Go to > Search for the Laurea degree programme > Limit search results: Application period ongoing > Select the Laurea degree programme > Select the transfer application (found on the right hand side of the page) > Fill in application 

Please note
, if you are transferring to Laurea UAS from another UAS where you have been liable to pay a tuition fee, you are also liable to pay a tuition fee in Laurea UAS. The tuition fee for Laurea Bachelor's Degree Programmes is 8000 euros per academic year and for Master's Degree Programmes 10 000 euros per academic year. More information about Laurea's tuition fees and grant policy:

Selection Criteria

A student studying in another University of Applied Sciences can transfer his/her study entitlement to Laurea University of Applied Sciences. An applicant can apply for transfer after the first term of the academic year has been completed. Applicants selected for transfer must have completed at least 27 credits per completed term whilst registered as present at the previous university of applied sciences. For Masters programmes, transfer applicants must have completed at least 15 credits per academic term. Completed credits must be relevant to the degree programme that the applicant is applying for.

The applicants fulfilling the criteria of transfer application will be invited to an interview based on the attachments received during the application period. This applies to both external applicants (those who are applying outside Laurea) and internal applicants (those who are applying inside Laurea) whose information will be checked from Laurea's student register.

Required Attachments

The application periods for transfer are in May and November. The application form closes on the last application day at 15:00.  An applicant applying for transfer may submit only one transfer application form to Laurea UAS via An applicant applying for transfer from another University of Applied Sciences in autumn 2017 must send his/her official Study Certificate and official Transcript of Records by 15th November 2017 15:00. The official Study Certificate and Transcript of Records must be obtained from the Student Office of the applicant's current University of Applied Sciences. If necessary, a statement from the University of Applied Sciences regarding any pending credit completions may also be attached.

In the autumn 2017 transfer period, the required attachments can be submitted online by uploading them to the application in If sending the attachments online is not possible, they may also be sent by post by the deadline to the address:

Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Admission Services /Transfer
Ratatie 22
01300 Vantaa

The studies completed in Laurea are checked from the Student Register so students of Laurea do not need to send their attachments.

All required transfer attachments must arrive by the deadline 15th November 2017 15:00. Applications lacking required attachments or lacking required information will not be processed.


Transfer applicants who meet the transfer criteria mentioned above will be invited to an interview which will be arranged

30th November 2017 in Leppävaara campus for Bachelor's programmes in Business Management, Security Management and Business Information Technology. 

Applicant's language skills may be assessed during the interviews. 

Any pending study credits must be completed so that they appear in the student's transcript of records latest by the transfer interview date. The official transcript of records will be checked in the transfer interviews. Only completed credits will be considered in the student selection.

If the number of transfer applications exceeds the available amount of study places, the student selection will be based on the student's aptitude, total number of credits completed and grades received.

Finnish Language Skills Requirement for Laurea Nursing and Laurea Social Services

All transfer applicants for Laurea Nursing and Laurea Social Services are required to have Finnish language skills (level B1 or better). Link to the Common European Framework of reference for languages where the levels are described:

Laurea Bachelor's Degree Programmes in Nursing and Social Services are not open for transfer in November 2017 application.

Results and Accepting the Study Place

In the autumn transfer application period the student selection decisions will be notified by email to applicants latest by 8th December 2017. Applicants who are selected for transfer to Laurea must confirm the study place latest by 29th December 2017 15:00 via / When the selected student confirms his/her offered transfer study place, the student's previous study entitlement expires 31.12.2017. When you confirm a study place, you will not be considered a first-time applicant in the future applications. Please note that degree programmes provided in English do not have to use quotas for first-time applicants. For more information see Quotas for first-time applicants  (link). 
The transfer selection decision is made by the vice-president or other person authorized by him/her. Laurea Admission Services gives the selection decision via email to all applicants.