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Student selection criteria 2017 for Bachelor's degree programmes

Each university of applied sciences determines the selection methods to be used for each programme and allocates the number of places to each selection method.

Applicants can apply for the bachelor's degree programmes in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences with one of the following qualifications :

- the general Finnish upper secondary school and/or a Finnish Matriculation examination;
- an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma;
-  a Reifeprüfung (RP) Diploma;
- a European Baccalaureate Diploma (EB);  
- an upper secondary vocational qualification completed in Finland (120 credits) or a corresponding earlier qualification completed in Finland of at least 80 credits;  
- a further or specialist vocational qualification (ammattitutkinto, erikoisammattitutkinto) completed in Finland or;
- an upper secondary school qualification completed outside Finland that provides eligibility to apply for corresponding higher education in the country in question. Generally speaking the graduation certificate awarded after completion of 12 years of upper secondary school. If an applicant is applying with a non-Finnish qualification and is not an EU/EEA citizen, the qualification must be completed by the end of the application period 25th January 2017.

To demonstrate eligibility, applicants applying with an upper secondary completed outside Finland, IB, RP or EB qualifications must submit certificates by 8th February 2017. Read more about required certificates.

A university degree or UAS degree does not give eligibility to apply for the bachelor's degree programmes. Applicants must use their upper secondary school leaving certificate for applying to the bachelor's degree programmes.

Please note Laurea does not use discretionary admission. 

Please see the Laurea degree programme specific information below.

Business Management, Business Information Technology, Security Management

All applicants who have demonstrated eligibility to apply will be invited to the entrance examination. Admission to Laurea Degree programmes in English will be based on the results of the entrance exam only.

Entrance examination: 40 points

 Restaurant Entrepreneurship

All applicants who have demonstrated eligibility to apply will be invited to the entrance examination. Admission to Laurea Degree programmes in English will be based on the results of the entrance exam only.

Entrance examination: 70 points

Nursing and Social Services

 All applicants for Laurea Nursing and Laurea Social Services are required to have  Finnish language skills (level B1 or better) . Link to the Common European Framework of reference for languages where the levels are desribed:

Applicants who have demonstrated eligibility to apply and have the required Finnish language skills will be invited to the entrance examination. Admission to Laurea Degree programmes in English will be based on the points awarded for the entrance exam only.
Entrance examination: 70 points

Recommendation regarding applicant’s health
In the field of Social Services and Health Care (Degree programmes in Nursing and Social Services )the applicant must have good health and functional capacity so that the student is able to participate in the practical tasks and work placement included in the studies. When applying to the field of studies the applicant should be aware that
• the studies and professional practice requires good mental balance.
• the study field is not suitable for persons dealing with alcohol, drugs or substance misuse.
• for example, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic skin diseases and allergies can become health
problems later on during studies or at work.
• blood-borne infectious disease may limit the student’s learning path and job placement.
• Several social and health care units treat infection-prone patients. Staff working in them must have the required vaccinations.

Before the supervised work placement, the student is asked by the UAS to provide his/her criminal record, if the work placement essentially includes working with under age children. The UAS can, at its discretion, request the applicant to provide an assessment of his/her general health and also request another UAS to provide the information regarding the applicant’s withdrawal of previous study entitlement.

Selection between applicants with equal admission points 2017

In case there is a tie in admission points, the applicants to UAS’s will be ranked based on the following criteria:
1. The points of the entrance examination
2. The order of preference of the application options indicated by the applicant

The grounds applied to cases of equal admission scores vary by programme choice, depending on the selection methods used for the programme in question. If these criteria fail to produce a difference between tied applicants, applicants will be automatically ranked by lots drawn by a computer system.

Appeal Process

If the decision on student admission has not been made according to the Laurea selection criteria 2017, applicants have the possibility to make a written appeal to the Management team within 14 days of receiving the decision.

Before starting the appeal process the applicant should first contact the Laurea Admission Services for more detailed information on the grounds of the decision: tel. +358 9 8868 7293 or e-mail admissions(at) . If, after contacting the Laurea Admissions Services and hearing the grounds for the decision, the applicant still thinks that the decision has not been made according to the Laurea selection criteria 2017, he/she may submit a written appeal against the decision. The appeal must be well-grounded and it should contain accurate information on where Laurea has not followed the Laurea selection criteria 2017.

In your appeal please give your name, address and contact information and explain in what way the decision has not been made according to the Laurea selection criteria 2017. The appeal must be submitted in writing within 14 days of receiving the decision to the address:
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Management team,
Ratatie 22,
01300 Vantaa,

Application information for Laurea Master's degree programmes




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