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Trainees - How to apply

Exchange programmes, which include traineeships, are only for students from Laurea’s international partner institutions. Students who wish to go on traineeships in companies or other organisations in the Greater Helsinki Region should first turn to the international office at their home institution in order to be selected into an exchange programme before filling in the application to Laurea.

1. Before filling in Laurea's application form for incoming exchange students/trainees you need to be nominated to student exchange / traineeship by your home institution. A person responsible for international activities at your home institution needs to send the nomination information to the international planning officer responsible for traineeships in your field of study.

2. After we have received your nomination information we will send you an email containing the instructions on how to fill in our electronic application form (this may take a few days). The email will come from the address solemove(at) and the title will be "Instructions for filling in your Exchange Application to Laurea".

3. Fill in the online application form.
If possible, try to follow these deadlines: for traineeships in autumn term and academic year the deadline is May 15th except for nursing and social services the deadline is already April 15th. Deadline for traineeships in the spring term is October 30th.

4. Complete the required documents related to your traineeship.
If you are doing your traineeship in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme fill in the  Learning Agreement for traineeships at your home institution and send it to be signed by the planning officer at Laurea as well.

5. Apply for accommodation and read about living in the greater Helsinki region in the Housing section. Laurea does not have its own student dormitories. Furnished student accommodation for exchange students (including trainees following the study semesters) is available with HOAS, but needs to be applied for. Each student is responsible for applying for his/her accommodation independently. NB! HOAS has only a limited number of apartments so fill in the application as soon as you can.

6. Read the information about student tutors, orientation and arrival days. You are also welcome to attend all the orientation activities.

7. Prepare for the traineeship abroad well. Read about Finnish culture and customs .