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Studies suitable for exchange students

You can find the full curriculum and study offer with study unit descriptions in Laurea’s curriculum management system called Pakki. This system will assist you to find the right courses from the right curriculum and academic semester. You will also be able to see the course descriptions of the modules which are offered on the campus that you are selected to study. Please note, If you will be studying Business Management in Lohja, Hyvinkää and Tikkurila campuses, Pakki system will only show a few courses on the list. Those are usually the predefined Lecture courses which will be offered to a bigger group. In those campuses, studies are operated in project-based implementations which are not different from Traditional lectures however, they are modules which are immensely attached to company cooperation. 

Description of the study modules


Please see the courses and their descriptions by clicking here.  Please select your campus and only in those areas marked "exchange students."



For those who are going to study in Lohja, Hyvinkää and Tikkurila campuses please see below for each of your campuses project-based classes. Those classes can be added to your Learning agreement in the same way as traditional lectures. It is also possible to mix between Traditional Lectures and project-based studies.




Hyvinkää  campus project-based studies (For more information please contact:



Lohja  campus project-based studies  (For more information please contact:



Tikkurila  campus project-based studies (For more information please contact:


Double Degree students

If you are joining Laurea for Double Degree studies, please contact your international Office for the courses that were agreed for you to study during your time at Laurea. You should not follow any of the above instructions.

Study Timetables

Before you write down the study units to your Learning agreement it's important to check that the schedules of the study units are not overlapping. You will find the schedules for autumn 2018 in the Study Schedule page. Study units are listed by the campus in alphabetical order. Read the instructions above the listing!

The schedules are for the course modules. If you will work in project modules, schedules are usually developed at the time of the project commencement. In this case, the project study and meeting schedules will be along the rest of your study plans.

Make a learning agreement

Each and every incoming student to Laurea is required to make a learning agreement for their studies. When you have already known which courses and/or projects modules you would like to take, you can fill in the learning agreement and send it to the responsible person at Laurea. The names and contacts of the persons responsible for signing the learning agreements will be sent to you by the international office responsible for your programme. Expect this email latest a week after the application deadline. Learning agreements should be sent by email for signatures by May 31st for Fall semester incoming students and November 15th for Spring Semester incoming students

Please find a learning agreement template here (download the zipped folder and extract it on your computer to access the form)

Learning Agreement (students from European partner universities)

Learning agreement (students from partner universities from outside EU)

Study methods and environments

Studies at Laurea include traditional study courses and courses embedded in working life projects which are executed according to Laurea’s learning model, Learning by Developing (LbD). In broad strokes, this unique learning model means focusing on practical projects with real-life companies and organizations while studying and gaining both theoretical and immensely practical knowledge. Laurea´s LbD model emphasizes individual freedom and responsibility, equality, co-operation with organizations and teamwork. Study methods also include a variety of lectures, e-learning methods, group and individual assignments, presentations, and exams. It is recommended that incoming exchange students to Laurea have to know exactly what they want to accomplish during their semester(s) in order to be able to enjoy studying. We encourage openmindedness of the students since LbD model is a very different model of education from what many of the incoming students are used to in their home countries. Through LbD method of learning, Laurea guarantees a high quality in education and learning. Therefore we recommend students to be ready to study on our ways. Please see also a video about LBD:


Laurea's grading system

Laurea UAS grade ECTS Grade
5 ExcellentA
4 GoodB
3 GoodC
2 SatisfactoryD
1 SatisfactoryE
0 FailF or FX

Certain examinations are given the grade H = Pass, S = Completed or 0 = Fail.

Please note that while the ECTS system is based on an expectancy of the distribution of different grades, the Finnish system is not. That means that in the Finnish system there is no rule or expectation as to how big a proportion of the participants in any given study unit can be given what grade; each student is graded on one´s individual performance, not in relation to the performance of others as such.






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LbD in Laurea<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>LbD in LaureaWhat does LbD mean?