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How to apply

On this page you will find instructions on how to apply to Laurea as an exchange student or trainee.

The pages for incoming exchange students are being updated for spring 2019!

Deadline for studies/traineeships in autumn term and academic year is May 15th.  Except for traineeships in nursing and social services the deadline is already April 15th. Deadline for studies/traineeships in the spring term is October 31st.

Exchange students

Exchange programmes at Laurea are for students from Laurea’s international partner institutions. Students who wish to study at Laurea on exchange programmes - such as Erasmus, Nordplus or Bilateral Agreement - should turn to the international office at their home institution in order to be selected into a programme before filling in the application to Laurea.

1. Before filling in Laurea's application form for incoming exchange students you need to be nominated to student exchange by your home institution. A person responsible for international activities at your home institution needs to send the nomination information through Laurea's online nomination system. For access to the online nomination system, the international coordinator of your institution should contact the Laurea international planning officer of your field of study.

Nomination deadlines:

  • October 15th for exchange studies in spring 2019
  • May 1st for student exchange in the autumn or for whole academic year

2. After we have received your nomination information from your home institution we will send you an email containing the instructions on how to fill in the Laurea electronic application form for incoming exchange students (this may take a few days). The email will be sent from the address (a) and the title will be “Instructions for filling in your Exchange Application to Laurea”. If possible, we will also notify ( in a seperate email) the preliminary information about which campus you will be selected to. Please note that your possible campus choice cannot be guaranteed due to the limited amount of incoming students we can accept per campus.

Laurea receives exchange students to the following campuses:
Laurea Leppävaara (Hospitality Management, Service Business Management, Business Information Technology, Security, Safety and Risk Management)
Laurea Tikkurila ( Service Business Management, Business Information Technology, Nursing, Social services, Beauty and Cosmetics)
Laurea Otaniemi (Service Business Management, Nursing, Physiotherapy)
Laurea Hyvinkää (Service Business Management, Nursing)
Laurea Lohja (Service Business Management, Nursing)
Laurea Porvoo (Nursing)

3. Fill in the online application form by the given deadline. The application form is online and will be sent to nominated applicants only. In the application form you will also be required to attach a motivation letter which should inlcude a preliminary study plan, based on the previous semester's study offering. Please see the studies suitable for exchange students.

In the motivation letter you should write at least about the following matters:
- What kind of studies or working tasks have you planned to complete during your exchange?
- Are you applying mainly for studies in your own field or in some other field?
- What kind of skills will you develop during internship?
- What are your expectations regarding the exchange?
- Why are you applying for exchange?
- How will the exchange support your personal learning and career prospects?

The Deadlines for applying for exchange studies (applicants must be nominated first):

  • May 15th for studies in autumn term  and whole academic year
  • October 31st for studies in the spring term

4. After you have been accepted to Laurea you will be notified which campus you will be studying in and you will recieve information about how to activate your Laurea student account and also instructions  how to enrol for the courses offered in spring 2019. The Laurea account is required in order to enrol for courses.

5. Before enrollment, you will also be asked (with a seperate email) to complete the Learning agreement with the studies you want to do at Laurea. After your Learning Agreement has been approved and signed at your home institution, send it by email to the person who is responsible for receiving the Learning Agreement at Laurea by the deadline given. The person responsible for Learning Agreement will be notified to you in the email. It is recommended that you keep a copy of the Learning Agreement for yourself. Please note that some of the studies suitable for exchange students are online courses and we recommend that you select a maximum of 10 ECTS of online courses. If you have questions about the studies available, please contact your international planning officer at Laurea. 

6. Enrollment for the studies in spring will take place starting from 26th November. Only accepted students who have activated their Laurea account can enrol for studies. Students must enroll as soon as possible, because offered courses can fill up fast. Enrollment ends 2nd December.

7. Apply for accommodation. Laurea does not have its own student dormitories. If you are selected to study in the Laurea Leppävaara, Tikkurila or Otaniemi campuses, you can apply for furnished exchange student housing via HOAS (link). Please note that HOAS has only a limited number of student apartments available, so apply for HOAS housing as soon as you have received the acceptance e-mails from Laurea for Leppävaara, Otaniemi or Tikkurila campuses. If you are selected to study at Laurea Lohja, Hyvinkää or Porvoo, an accommodation offer will be arranged for you by Laurea and sent to you by email. 

  • Each exchange student is responsible for applying for his/her accommodation independently. Information is available under Housing and Living in Finland .

8. Check the orientation dates for incoming exchange students and arrange your arrival accordingly. Exchange students are advised to arrive a couple of days before the orientation for incoming exchange students begins to ensure that arriving is as smooth as possible.

Orientation days for spring incoming exchange students Jan 9th - 11th 2019. Please note: Orientation for students of Laurea Hyvinkää will begin already Jan 7th!

9. Prepare for the exchange well. Read about Finnish culture and customs.