Housing in Hyvinkää

Student accommodation is provided by the local housing company Hyvinkään Vuokra-asunnot Oy (HYVA Oy). The apartments are located mainly in Välipellontie in Hyvinkää. All the rooms are simply furnished (bed, table, chair, wardrobe). There are three bedrooms with their own bathroom and shared kitchen. The washing house is available near to the apartment.

The rent of one month is 313,13 € in Välipellontie in 2018. The rent includes furniture, heating, electricity and drinkable tab water. An internet connection is also included, but it requires VDSL2 modem, and the connection can be opened when the student has received a Finnish ID number from the registration office.

Laurea Hyvinkää will arrange the accommodation only for the exchange students who study or practice at Laurea Hyvinkää. Every student lives in an own room and it can´t be shared with anyone. Boys and girls live separated in their own apartments.

How to apply for the accommodation?

When Laurea has accepted student´s application for an exchange, he/she will receive an invoice of a deposit: one month´s rent must be paid beforehand together with a service fee (313,13 € + 70 € = 383,13 €) within two weeks by the due date. Thereafter the accommodation will be booked for the student and the address will be informed. The deposit will not be returned if the student cancels the exchange. The last month´s rent of the exchange period (December or May) will not be charged, when the student has paid it in advance.

Tenancy agreement

The exchange student will sign two copies of tenancy agreement with the rules in the dormitory on the first school day. The agreement is binding. The tenancy agreement will be done for the whole exchange period, and the term of notice is one month. The whole rent of the month must always be paid, also when the tenant doesn´t stay the whole month, except in August Laurea charges half rent.

Every student must keep his/her own room and kitchen clean and in good condition during his/her stay. The neighbors and roommates should be treated respectfully avoiding all disturbing.

At the end of the exchange period the student must clean up properly and return the keys on the moving out day at the latest. The exchange period ends on Friday and the moving out day is the following Monday.

Survival Kit

Laurea Hyvinkää provides a kitchen and bedroom set to the student to use during the exchange period. Every student should pay 50 € for the Survival Kit. The payment will be included in the first rent bill.

The student must return everything in the same condition as received. The dishes should be washed before returning. If something is damaged or missing, extra money (20€) will be charged. It is possible and recommended to substitute the broken/missing item for buying a new similar one.

The content of the Survival Kit:

The Bedroom SetThe Kitchen Set
1 bath towel 1 small saucepan and lid
1 hand towel1 pot and lid
1 duvet1 frying pan
1 pillow2 mugs
1 pillow case2 drinking glasses
1 duvet case2 large plates
1 sheet2 small plates
2 soup bowls
2 tea spoons
2 table spoons
2 forks
2 table knives
1 chopping board
1 chopping knife
1 bread knife
1 pair of scissors
1 vegetable peeler
1 ladle
1 grater
3 different kitchen tools


 Arrival to Hyvinkää

There is a Finnish tutor student nominated for every exchange student. The tutor contacts the student by email about arrival information. If agreed, the tutor will come to meet an arriving student at the airport, port or railway station and will help to travel to Hyvinkää. The tutor will help in practical matters from the start to the end of the exchange period.

What will you get when you arrive?
1. Keys to your apartment

2. Information folder with various documents:

  • Two certificates of registration (one for you for proving you are Laurea´s student and other for the registration office)
  • Lunch discount card (the lunch in university’s restaurant will cost only 2.40 EUR)
  • Certificate for the discount of train tickets
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Other instructions, brochures, maps, etc.

3. Student’s Survival Kit

4. Username and password, to receive access to Laurea’s systems: Outlook e-mail, Intra etc. (every student will have an e-mail box with the following address: firstname.familyname@student.laurea.fi)

5. Library card

Orientation to studies
The studies will start with orientation meetings. The timetable will be given beforehand by e-mail or in the folder. Orientation includes it-info, meetings with tutor lecturers, public health nurse and library as well as getting familiar with the premises in Laurea with tutor students. Also the tenancy agreement etc. has to be signed on the first orientation day.