Frequently asked questions


Where can I go at Laurea?

  • Laurea receives exchange students to 6 campuses in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
    Laurea Hyvinkää
    Laurea Leppävaara
    Laurea Lohja
    Laurea Otaniemi
    Laurea Porvoo
    Laurea Tikkurila

When will I get my acceptance letter for Laurea UAS? When is the deadline to apply for an Exchange Program?

  • All acceptance letters are sent electronically after the application has been accepted. Acceptance letter will also be mailed upon request to the home university of the student who require a hard copy. The dead line to apply for an Exchange program is under Exchange students and trainees -> Important dates.

How much does it cost to live in Finland?

  • Even when there are no tuition fees, you will need funding to study in Finland. You must be able to cover all your everyday living expenses independently. We recommend that you should have at least 700-900 Euros per month at your disposal.

Who can participate in Exchange program?

  • We welcome any student that is currently enrolled in our partner universities. However, note that you cannot apply to us directly. Please contact the international office at your home institution for details about application procedures and deadlines.

Is funding available?

  • Please contact your study coordinator regarding this matter. Laurea does not provide any financial assistance to incoming exchange students. For students nominated to Laurea under a certain program (e.g. FIRST, NORDPLUS, and NORTH SOUTH SOUTH) are eligible to financial support from the respective program. Please discuss this matter with the person responsible for the program in your home institution.

What is the language requirement?

  • All exchange students will be enrolled in English taught classes. The language requirement for incoming exchange students to Laurea is B2 in English. This means the students has the capacity to achieve most goals and confidently express oneself on a range of topics.  Laurea does not have English Language support center for students who cannot follow lessons in English.

When and how do I apply for housing?

  • We strongly recommend you to apply for housing as soon as you have been accepted to study in Laurea. For more info on housing go toExchange students and trainees -> Housing . If you will be studying in Hyvinkää, Porvoo or Lohja campus, housing will be organized by the campus responsible person. Incoming students in these three campuses will be contacted by the responsible person immediately after the application is accepted. 

Do I need a passport?

  • Yes, we recommend you to have a valid passport with you while in Finland. This applies also to students arriving from the European Union.

Do I need a student visa?

  • If you are a citizen of Schengen area or European Economic Area, you do not require a visa. In other cases you are advised to consult the nearest Finnish Embassy or consulate. For further information about immigration in Finland, please check
  • If you need to apply for a visa or a residence permit for your exchange in Finland please also remember to request a personal identity code in Finland at the same time with your visa/residence permit application.

How should I manage my banking while in Finland?

  • It is not necessary to open a bank account if you are in Finland as an exchange student for less than 5 months but it is possible. You are advised to have a bank or credit card in case you wish not to open an account in Finland. Bank account should be opened by those students who spend a year in Laurea, receive scholarships or do not have any bank cards. It is not advised to keep large sums of money in cash.

How far are the campuses from Helsinki Center?

  • Leppävaara 12,5 km
  • Otaniemi 12km
  • Tikkurila 33 km
  • Lohja 60 km
  • Porvoo 52 km
  • Hyvinkää 56km

I have problems accessing the Solemove or I forgot my password, what should I do?

  • In this case, please send an email to Laurea's international office ( so we can reset your password. However, if you remember your password but you still can't access, please try with another internet browser.

Who picks me up from the airport, when I arrive?

  • Unfortunately Laurea does not arrange any pickups from the airport. Laureamko (Laurea's student union) assigns a tutor student to all the incoming students. We advise students to keep in touch with their tutor students and be well prepared prior to their arrival. 


How do I apply?

  • To study as an exchange student at Laurea, you must first be nominated by your home institution. Please contact the international office at your home institution for details about application procedures and deadlines.

Where can I find out what courses are offered at Laurea?

Can I choose studies from several campuses?

  • No, however once on arrival if you see an interesting course from another Laure campus then you can contact your academic supervisor at Laurea to see whether you could join.


Do I need to send my CV when applying for placements?

  • Yes it is recommended to have your CV and Cover letter always ready and updated. Please include your previous placements also in your CV

When do I know, what kind of placement is booked for me and where? ( For Nursing placement and Social services placement)

  • If you are applying for Placement, the respected campus coordinator will contact you as soon as the placements are confirmed. We will do our best to find a place according to your wishes.

If I'm sick during my placement and I need to be absent, do I have to do the hours that I miss later on?

  • You should discuss about the work practicalities with your supervisor during your first day at work. If you are ill then you must contact your supervisor at the organization and guiding lecturer at Laurea.

Does the hospital provide me a uniform and what kind of medical report is needed for the placement? (Nursing students)

  • Nurses' clothing will be provided in the placement. Please, bring your own shoes. If you have clinical skills studies at Laurea, please bring nurses clothing with you. Please see health information for incoming trainees.

Who should I contact for traineeships practicalities?